Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my swing/ my favourite things

In the hay loft
above the goats
there is a jungle swing

it hangs on the rafters
and awaits the children

I am the child
that swings
each night
as the moon scatters
its jewels across the fields
and fire flies dance
to the song
of the night

the winter dance of the moon
with the hoar frost...
God's gift to His child

as I swing to the music
I remain the child

the dogs flow with me
in unison
as they watch
me in the loft
the goats chew their cuds
the chickens rest on their roosts

the diamonds sparkle
with each beat of my heart
and I won't stop
until I feel it

when I know the pulse
of the song
and the flow
of the dance
then the child moves down
from the swing
and is again
the old goat lady
as she slides
down the ladder

but no one knows
that in her heart
she is still
the little one
by the beauty
of the night
her mind is still dancing with the Light

and she puts away her milk
and hangs up her old bucket
and brushes the straw from her hair
and slides into her bed
an old lady to anyone else

but she is smiling
because in her heart
she is still dancing
and catching fire flies
as the moon
sends them out
one by one
into the night

and she
reaches over to hug her
old man
who still sighs
at her touch
and dreams
their youth
and remembers
the song and the dance of the moon
in the night

and the moon sends out its jewels
and they sparkle

as the old pair
take their rest
and their hearts beat as one
and they sigh
and smile
for the beauty
of the night

my swing

my favourite things

a marriage song/ my favourite things

Had I known
those long years ago
when discouragement
paved our way

our hope would be born
through waiting


and how now
we see so plainly

just how love is

we smile
at its

if I had known then
what we know now
I would have grabbed your hand
and run with you
to the brightness

and we would have giggled on our way
as we anticipated
the blessing of our Father

trusting His
Perfect Love
to take away all fear

I am not afraid

of our todays
or our tomorrows
because I know
He walks with us
and that
He makes everything

in His time.


I found these following lines tucked away from years my Eduardo.
so blessed that healing comes...
on wings it always comes....

my favourite things/ a longing Lord

a longing Lord
to be so close

but so much
keeps us apart

or apologies

so much

and dreams
and those

not crushed
not dead

nor ashes
that need to
be buried

just covered

by Love



Some days
the sun shines
even when it is raining

in my heart
and yours

some days
the storms rage
and devour

though the sun shines

we see

will not

change our
point of
of turning

each other in the eye
to see the reflection
of Him


laid down his life


doesn't count pennies
or sins
or remember
we were the ones


caused His Pain



if we look
we might still see
the beauty

it is always there
it never leaves

not like our love
that falls like autumn leaves
each season as the cold arrives
in its harshness
and disregard
for all else
but self enthroned
not Christ

we are like the seasons

by Grace

spring returns each year

by Grace

His Love
in our hearts

if we
close our eyes
we will see Him
and will miss the
autumn leaves falling
or the chill storms coming

by Grace

if we
look into each others' eyes

we may see Him

I am so glad that Love heals

your, Susi

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my favourite things/ a tender heart

baby Ema is going home

home to four bubbly sisters
a joyous mom
and a dad

I know David

I know his tender heart
not like God does
I know it

It didn't surprise me
to hear Molly's words
but it made me proud
and I am not his mom

I have watched David grow
I watched him wax strong
in body
and in spirit
but always tender

so Molly's words
brought glad tears from my heart

five little girls
and a mama
and a papa

will wax strong
in body
and in spirit

a family of seven
a quiver full
or filling
as God wishes

a joyous quiver
hearts set on Thanksgiving
even in the not so easy
because they know
the Giver of good gifts

the Giver of each breath

the Giver of today

God loves
a tender heart

my favourite things


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my favourite things / words of life

a word
in the wind
finding its way
one heart
to heal

sent with hesitation
fear of rejection
of being

love sends it out
love cannot
keep it bound

so it is sent
on angel wings

with the breath of hope
and trust in the One
who holds all our tears
and all our prayers
and knows our longings
and all our fears
and our every dream
that His love
to overflowing

for this is how God gives

six baskets of bread left over

the best wine
after the ordinary was gone

nets too heavy
to hold all the fish

He who fills our cup to overflowing
I will trust Him
He who feeds the multitudes
I will hope in Him
He who calms the storms
I will flee to Him
He who speaks the Word
and demons flee
I will make my refuge in Him
He who could have called 
the host of heaven's angels
I will sit at His feet

He gives
and gives
takes all our shame
and heals from Death's reward

I catch His prayer
in the quiet
of my heart

that we be kept from the evil of the world

that we be made holy by His Truth

that we be made one with
the One
love like the One

Jesus and the Father
and us


and so
I send out
a prayer from my heart
and breathe a sigh
and smile

God hears
and is the giver of life
the healer
the lover
the Holy One

may He send His Word
and heal

Words of Life

my favourite things

Monday, January 17, 2011

a miracle day/my favourite things

today was a miracle day
nothing new
as every day is too

but today I brushed away the fear
and took the three hounds
and myself riding Mitzu
and headed up our snowy trail
into the forest

the snow brushed my feet
on either side of my pony
it was deep
and white
and pure as refiner's gold

we went long on the trail
my pony nervous at first
as was I

but then the moment took over
when all fear was gone
and my eyes were opened
to the glory around

The sun kissed the tree tops golden
the winter blanket lay unrumpled
all life asleep but us
Mitzu breaking through the snow trail
of two days ago
now past her belly
the hounds trailing close behind
tongues lolling
and spirits high

it was like this when I was twelve
and almost dying

I saw the host of heaven come for me
they were on a thick cloud of snow
powdery and bright
the Refiner's fire
purified and whole
the multitude
as the sand of the sea shores
so many
and the One before all the others
glistening in His Beauty
His Holiness lighting the others
and drawing me
pulling me
calling me

I looked at my dad
who all night had sat by my side
a silent prayer in his eyes
and told him
It is God
He is coming to take me now
He is beautiful
and I am happy to go

my eyes joined the sadness of his eyes
and heard the silence of his prayer
and I knew
I must stay

disappointed but knowing
I looked back on the vision
that had held me captive and set my heart to soaring
and He understood
and slowly
ever so slowly
the vision softened and
only my dad and I were left
and the answer from His heart

he had laughed when I'd told him God had pajamas like mine
when he saw I was leaving he had asked what God looked like

I had a nighty
They all had flowing robes
and steads whiter than snow
as they rode on the wings of the wind
I wish he could have seen their glory

drawing nearer
calling me
heart to heart
no words
just the drawing
the beauty
the longing

If only he could have seen how His gown sparkled
mine flannel
His Light
and Glory
Grace coming to claim what was His
and in Mercy
leaving me a while longer
to be joy to this old papa
who poured out his every love for me
and needed still
his young girl's hand in his
and needed still to hear her laughter
and see her smile
and dance through each day

a gift

this life

and each day
a miracle day

my favouite things