Monday, November 3, 2014

my favourite things/ building with family

two summers
a son home
and friends come to help
all from the heart~ true family

a daughter and her family
home for a season to milk
and hide love gifts of
tasks done with heart
to bless me and others
while I visit far and distant Afrika

to have two summers
with our little boy all grown

he used to play in the sawdust
building booby traps for his sisters
holes with wood stick rooves
all covered again
with sawdust
also with laughter

and now again building
a home for a sister
and her kiddies

from the bottom up
all the little boy genius
making a real home
taking trees from our land
milling it
shaping it
from the bottom up
a fine home
a labour of skill and love

I miss the people that filter by all summer
I miss the summer and its warmth and dryness
long days short nights
work hard play hard
Willow River raft rides
with Neumanns
with Dad
hot days left refreshed
fresh garden
horses and goats around about us
grazing lazing
geese and hummingbirds
ducks woodpeckers
and always the sparrow

and always His eye on us
pouring out His blessing
day by day
at the right time
the right moment

the little boy all grown
an engineer now
new horizons new visions
us alone
still day by day remembering
love's labour
and carrying on
piece by piece
little by litte
this Home love is building
with God's strength
His joy
His help

A little Afrikan family
is coming Home one day

we want to be ready

my Shoshi
four precious grandkiddies
new visions
little feet running to and fro
smiling ones
a desire satisfied
from our hearts
and God's

God gives good gifts to His children
all these memories
building with family 

my favourite things