Monday, May 20, 2013

my favourite things/ this growing old together

I love that it comes every year
the reminder of a promise
a love vow kept

I love our grey hair
the wrinkle lines
the eyes fading
the strength waning

we were young then
hadn't proven love
folks just watched and waited
we lived

and now that love is tested
we laugh more
we know it doesn't have to ever really break
the soft heart keeps it alive

keeps the heart soft

this is what I have learned
that I may choose life
but it is God who gives strength of days
I may choose love
but it is God who gives understanding
I may choose to be faithful
but it is God who sends away the darkness
so that in the light we may grow old
in Him we grow gloriously wrinkled
and aged together
I have learned that though the body age
the spirit stays eternally young
and we can learn not to be afraid
of being set free

I have learned that time shared
is proof that love does everything it was ever meant to do
that love is everything it was ever meant to be
that love heals broken moments
that love lifts shared prayers
that love binds longing hearts
that love frees soaring spirits

that growing old 'together'
is a 'love' gift
from a very Old Father
who before time ever was
planned that we His children
should share eternity with Him
and it is here
in this holy union
that we learn the joy
of all heaven could ever hold

He gives us so much

it has really only just begun

this growing old together
we will laugh through all eternity
we learn how here

this growing old together

my favourite things