Wednesday, June 13, 2012

my favourite things/ kiddies and babies

they just popped out
the morning sun warm
the breeze fresh
the children putting out the horses to pasture
a baby wrapped cozy in my arms
a three day visit gift
from a friend
my heart full

they just popped out
these two like their mama
one boy
one girl
him bigger
preparing the way
for her to follow
a mature mom
calm in her way
no fear
nuzzling me
letting the hounds
sniff and bond
contented baa sounds
filling the morning air
as she talks and they listen and baby baa back
already they suckle and stand wobbly
then strong and find the warmth of fresh colostrum
pure milk

This little baby too
a ransomed little one
known by the Father before we ever dreamed of her
now safe in the embrace
of a community
a mother
and two brothers
and all our love

This village will raise her
because we hold as one together
loving the forgotten
protecting the weak
her birth weight of a few pounds
now grown to eight
her mind clear
her body sound
we her family...

they just popped out
these two baas

yesterday God had me prepare
the birthing stall

He knew

I obeyed

and today
such happy little being alive sounds
these little lives wrapped five months
in hiding
now known
and treasured

this little girl
eyes bright
gooing such delightful alive sounds

these songs
of new birth

so sweet

kiddies and babies
my favourite things