Thursday, June 30, 2011

my favourite things/birthdays

a birthday
a curious thing

to remember a day so far removed
from today

I wonder if my mother remembers
my bursting forth to greet this world
her walking away
and me

does it hurt her now
did it hurt her then
was her heart ever torn
did it ever mend

'he' wouldn't say my name

I'll keep you
but not her
he'd said

...but God...

on the wings of a dove
He put His love in the hearts of two

they were older
they willingly gave their lives
for three unwanted
three castaways

I once was lost, alone
but now am found

I know this story twice

twice redeemed
twice ransomed
twice purchased for a price


twice a Saviour's love found me
and never let me fall
be crushed
or bruised

an heir of my daddy
an heir of my Abba Father

brought in

this I remember on my birthday

how a baby girl Evans
was given a new name

how Love owned her
and she would never be the same

my favourite things