Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my favourite things/ outside

I should be on my way

it is my last run of the day
the night hour
the opposite of the morning run
when the sun creeps up and warms the frosty mornings
Autumn set in
preparing the way for winter
the northeast wind cold
but the sun giving hope
like the Son gives hope
on the cold in the heart days
when a warmth is needed on the inside
to set the rumblings aright
and to fix the night of unrest...

He wants His beloved to rest

waking on my bed to pray
and only having groans
I feel so inept
for the not finding of words
and so I start at the beginning
again and again
I name the names
again and again
but for the asking I am unsure

I do not want to guide the hand of God to my will
rather I wish to be guided by the hand of God

so I settle in with my moans and my groans and my thanksgivings and my blessings
and my 'Thou art worthy's
and my 'Your will be done, Lord'
and my praising the One who is able
to do above all that I could think or ask
I think on all that is honourable and lovely
pure and blameless...
and I see Him...
my heart is settled from its rumblings
knowing they were heard and translated
by the Spirit of the Living God
my heart's peace tells me this
His Spirit bearing witness
to His truth
and His love

rest comes

His grace teaches my heart that all will be good
that evil will not always reign
that His kindom will come
and that already a piece of it sits within my very soul
This Christ who lives in me

I must pick myself up
and do this last run of the day
my last milking
the animals already fed
stalls and paddocks cleaned
the hammerings and nailings done for the day
Christ was nailed once to the cross for us
long ago
the work finished
those were His words...

daily as I nail and repair before the winter storms
I remember His final storm
and bearing of my shame

I bear it no more

I remember
the tender One
who asked that this cup may pass Him by
this cup of bearing my shame
but He chose to accept whatever God's will was
and it killed Him

O death where is your sting
HE set the captives free
HE lives
this great I AM
The grave could not hold Him

I am going out now
As I lift my face to the evening sky
It is to behold Him alone
and His glory, this risen One
my heart overflows with Thanksgiving
that He considered us all worthy


I will lift my face to the night sky
and like last night when He pulled the soft haze off the horizon
and opened it up ablazing for me
then set an arc across the heavens with refiner's fire dancing to His song
the Big Dipper resting beneath the streaming brilliance
I will rest beneath this display of His love

Each night I will go out
again and again
to this closet of mine
where I find Him waiting
where I find Him painting His glory
for me to find
to thrill my soul
to set my feet a dancing

I should be on my way
I don't want to keep Him waiting

my favourite things

I will also remember my mom, Jessica Louise, one of my moms, one of the many God sent to love me...
This is her birthday!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

my favourite things/ Birthdays

Bethany's Stephen is celebrated today
a whole 26 years old
Bethany has been 26 since February

Stephen said with a grin
he would always be younger

Bethany has been excited for weeks now
and today with table all set
and gifts wrapped
and flowers and Autumn leaves circling his plate
a hearty breakfast prepared
cake baked
(by the two of them and all the giggles and hugs you could imagine)
and frosted
(whipping cream and icing sugar and cocoa)


What a fun celebration
it was!

for me it is the smiles
and the giving
the sharing
and the knowing
that just maybe they will know they are special
they will know they are loved

a candle of life
blown easily
(no girlfriends)
singing happy birthday
for the second time
because the first time was without the cake

for the van Dijks
a birthday is a wonderful day
a 'we will all do all you want day'
a 'your day'
a 'do all you want day'

Stephen chose to wash the dishes
and I couldn't chase him out
like I could yesterday after a Thanksgiving feast
because like the Prince that he is
this is his day to do what he wants

they are off now
to laugh
and walk
and play
Happy kids...

He is a blessing
this new son

I have two now
lucky mom

blessed of the Lord

my favourite things

Monday, October 1, 2012

my favourite things/ in the waiting

it is good
all this dreaming
and wondering
and hoping
and praying

I could not see the wind tonight
but it let itself be heard
as it rushed Autumny
through the forest
the hush of the day gone
instead my head spinning for the gustings
a warmth caught up in the coming cold
spinning together in a calypso dance
caught up in the excitement
of cherished Autumns past
remembering the waltz of the leaves
as they swoop and fall and swoop again

Sam was curled in a tight ball at the back door
I knew Blue dog would be looking for a sheltered corner near the chickens and goats
Saphira was already counting sheep in her sleep
and Canoe on the leash beside me swaying from side to side as he covered for my aged steps
his youthful gait caught up in the dance of the night

I could not see the Lord tonight
but He let Himself be heard
a still small voice in the storm
caught above the rushing of the leaves
against the night
a still sure voice
reminiscent of other nights
beneath the stars

My dear child
it is all in My hands
completely as it unfolds
it is in My hands
trust Me
all will be well

you cannot see the wind
but It is here

you may not see Me
but I Am here

trust Me

it is good
all this dreaming
and hoping
and praying

and to believe that
God is here
unfolding a prize tapestry
of all life

it is in the waiting

this comfort
this peace

in the waiting

my favourite things


(photo) iron hot shoes made by my Beloved Bethany
.............when we have been tried, we shall come forth as gold