Tuesday, April 8, 2014

my favourite things/broken glass

                                                                                          ~ broken glass art by Bing Wright

broken mirrors
they seem no use to us
but when held up to the light
show a world of Kaleidescope beauty
like a stained glass by a Master's touch
we stand in awe and catch our breath

broken lives
they seem no use to us
but when held up to the Light
The Master's touch
shows what is really there
and piece by piece reflects
a glimmer never thought
by human heart
could ever be restored

it is the Master's touch
that takes a broken piece
of glass or human heart
and gently bends His Light around
and a Master Piece
is born

He bends His knee to heal us
He comes in gracious mercy
to take us in His arms and hold us
He comes by His gracious Spirit to woo us
and what seems no use to broken man
to God is how His heart
is born in us

broken mirrors
broken lives
His love that holds us

my favourite things


I saw this wonderful broken glass art by Bing Wright.... I know you will love the others~ God is making you something beautiful, even in our brokeness... God works a miracle