Wednesday, November 24, 2010

crunch/ my favourite things

it has been three weeks
wired shut
blended thin and smooth

it is alright
I enjoy all the flavours
I have made wonderful puree soups
the fruit and yoghurt are to die for

but today
I went out on a limb

I craved... crunch

not carrot crunch
or apple crunch

but cheezie crunch

I don't like just any cheezie
it has to be crisp and without a hint of staleness

Eduardo likes sales
and the cheezies he buys on sale
are ALWAYS stale

but if you can believe it

today I went into the cupboard
and took down a bag
of his unopened truly cheese sticks

I squished a cheezie between my lips and my wired teeth
squashed it gently and sucked until I could taste that wonderful stale taste

the first two seconds were awesome
then the flavour was gone so I squashed a second one next to it

two more seconds of pleasure
then I couldn't blow air or suck juice

I was gooped

I looked in the mirror and had to laugh
I was good and gooped!

that  is not a good thing when your mouth
is wired shut

I squirted the syringe
brushed my teeth
swished and swashed
all to no avail

I was gooped

an hour later
now I feel half clean
it will take all day
to make air pass through the spaces
in my teeth again

I'm still dreaming of cheezies
and pizza
and apple pie
and quishe
an apple
a cheese and cracker

I think I will wait the three weeks though

the countdown is on for


my favourite things

Monday, November 22, 2010

my foot warmers / my favourite things

I was sitting at the computer
Bethany had sent a message from the airport

"hugs to her puppy"

I had to laugh
as Blue dog was stuck between my feet
my foot warmer
a little wigglier than usual
but soft
and oh so warm

I wrote Bethany how good the puppies had been
how happy to see me home again
how Saphira had greeted me then charged straightway
down to the basement to find her mistress
who was flying high on her way to Afrika

to Saphira's homeland

I was pleased Saphira had settled
after checking out
all the dog dishes and
checking out any fallen crumbs
it was siesta time
for the dear canines
and the sweet feline
was up on the kennel
also asleep

wondering why my foot warmer was so wiggly
I looked to see that it wasn't Blue dog at all
but Saphira!
She was snuggling as close to my feet as she could get

she discovered the cat's favourite place over the heat vent
and my foot warmer disappeared
and took on the likeness of Oliver

I am certain I heard purring

and I am sure it was the Afrikan hound
dreaming of Afrikan sun and
lying with her Bethany

puppy dreams

my foot warmers
my favouite things

little birthdays/ my favourite things

a candle dropped out of Bethany's suitcase this morning
she hadn't noticed
but I had stuck it in
thinking of my little grandboy
a year old today and to be celebrated

the big suitcase was already around the turnstye
and you can't put wax in your carry on luggage
such a little candle
but it had to come back home with me
as did the goat cheese

we were nine pounds over the 50
so right then and there we opened her up and
started taking out books and manna bears

they gave us a bag to put them in
and Bethany carried them in hand

she would have lots of children's books to read
on her long journey
it will keep her young
to see through the eyes of a child

I cried long and hard
as I told her all the things to say to my three babas
my heart was already going with her
just this ol' body had to stay
so it wept just a little
or maybe more

I wasn't even ashamed
how can one be ashamed of love

for big kids
and little girls
and a little birthday boy

Their heart is wrapped in mine
there is no escape
and I want to be held captive

I can see their bright smiles
and hear their precious giggles
my laughter is wrapped in theirs
and when Bethany delivers a suitcase of love
from us all
my heart will sit there and be filled
with all the joy

my favouite things

Saturday, November 20, 2010

a moon ring/my favourite things

my chickens needed food
and Eduardo was still up

I put on my winter coat and boots
grabbed my bucket of pellets
for my feathered friends
ducks and hens
and went out into the night
a little chill at -20C

Eduardo put on his coat
and headed out to grab one more load
of wood for the furnace

usually I walk alone
discover the beauty alone
sigh and breath thanks
to my Maker alone

tonight though I had to go back
and bring Eduardo out to the field

he is usually not game
but tonight he took my hand
and we traced over my tracks in the snow

The ring around the Moon was enormous
I didn't have to say a thing
I just watched him look up and sigh
and exclaim amazement
the rays came from the South
and stretched to the North
making an arc around the brilliant Moon

we didn't tire
but watched and watched

as we walked home
arm in arm
content to have shared
these moments
a gift from our Saviour
Who delights in astounding us
a huge star fell before us
its flame as large as the Moon
just seconds later it burned itself out
over our neighbours' field

we walked home amazed
reveling in the small token
from our Fathers big basket of blessings
something just fit for these kids of the King

He says,
you should have been there
when We put it all together...
now "that"was astounding...
but this was a little gift all the same
to keep you in wonder
to keep you in awe

I am so glad my chickens needed food
and my Eduardo was still up
wouldn't have missed it
for anything

a moon ring

my favourite things

Monday, November 1, 2010

ghosts and goblins

a long way from our home trails
three wild dogs
two wilder horses and
two of the wildest
young ladies
went in search
of adventure
and found the wild things
of the deep
dark forest

every grouse that flew out
every cow that stood gazing
every branch that cracked
each time a dog broke out of the brush
our horses were sure the lions
were on the loose
or ghosts and goblins

riding in the shadows sent a chill
through their bodies and ours
but that was only the Autumn freshness

the wet swamps felt like
they were swallowing us alive
with their
squish squish squish
but that was just our latter rains
filling every crevice
in the earth
it was
All Saints Eve
and the horses were sure
ghosts and goblins
were about

the horses' every fiber
was alert to the looming creatures
and each step careful and tested
we had to laugh at their antics
and at the dogs
as they all scurried here
and darted there

We had fun and laughed
as the shadows lengthened and
the sun in the open fields warmed our faces

we headed the horses home
where ghosts and goblins were gone
and friendly nickers called them
and fresh hay and cozy shelters
and the night was there
to dream
about the silliness of
ghosts and goblins

All Saints Eve


God with us
no need for alarm

rest sweet horses
and dream

my favourite things