Saturday, March 19, 2011

my favourite things/ the moonrise

I was entranced
by the light
of the

I had to lay myself down
in the deep snowbank
and I wondered
while I watched

how we might
reflect the Son
so beautifully

could it be possible
to stop people in their tracks
for God's beauty reflected
take their breath away
the way the moon did to me this night!

only a moon

no light of itself
but for the sun

and us

no light of our own

but breathed in

by Him....

made living

When He shines on us
just perhaps
people could catch a glimpse
of His beauty
of His glory

the moon sat cradled
in the arms of the aspens

I felt God's arms
hold me up
embrace me entirely
in all that He is

I close my eyes
and hear the softness of the night's caress
blue and deep around her golden orb

I feel heaven's touch
graced in the evening sky

I close my eyes
and wonder

will I hear His voice
soft on the wind
of the night
could I sweep up into the heavens
with the nighthawk
light on wing
and hear His breath
as He grants flight

or perchance
follow the cry of the owl
as it shadows
the small and helpless
His Hiding Place

a cleft in the Rock

the Shadow of His Wings

I am the small and helpless

tonight I take my flight to Him
He alone is my Refuge
my Strong Tower
His wings will lift me up

I will cradle in His arms
like the moonrise
and know love's embrace

His Light will hold me
sustain me

tonight He took my breath away
and gave it back again

even the darkness is Light to Him

I run freely
with the night

and dance in the Light
of the Son

embraced in His love

the moonrise
my favourite things