Saturday, December 31, 2011

my favourite things/the last of the old year

the last of the old year
is sliding away
like children
at play in snow
from one hill
to another

all good
this old year
with lessons learned
friendships forged
memories stored
laughter shared
tears shed
healing found

all good
this old year

God's brightness
given for each day
to lead us on
and give us hope
along our way

shared blessings
work and holidays

always time
to praise
God's Son
who made all this
for our delight
our fun

and labour too
with smiles be fought
for it's a gift
this strength
from  God

time for play
and adventure
we always find

 I'm thankful for my man
 the beauty of the land

 I'm thankful for my son
 the puppies
my goats...
so much to be thankful for
old year you have been kind
and dear

God's helped us brave each unknown day

 given grace along our way

You've set a peace within our lives

 led us on our way
 given rest
brought us joy
 and by your Word You have settled our hearts our minds and souls
to know that wherever 2012 will lead
it is a gift from Your dear hand

I pray our lives would honour You
and to the least of all we meet
that we might bless
as if it's Thee

so we look to the new

and I thank you Lord
for the last of the old year

my favourite things

Monday, December 26, 2011

my favourite things/ Christmas


coming home
to celebrate
the One who gives us Life

we have fun

we play
we rest
we eat
we chill
we share what God has given us
with grateful hearts

He pours out laughter
joyous mirth
a gift from His Pure Grace

And in return
we lift our hearts
in praise for His Great Birth

God with us

we're alone 'neveranymore'

and so...

my favourite things

Blessings to our dearly beloveds. I am thankful for God's gift of friendship through family and friends!
Here is a wonderful little nativity story I am sure you will enjoy!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

my favourite things/ puppy love

a new puppy on the farm
Bethany settled him in
then off to Spain she flew
and all of us

do come
don't nibble
don't bite
catch the milk squirt
Good boy
come eat

let's play
do stairs
deep trails
run hard

It feels so much like
where one learns all one needs to know
for life...
be kind
be safe
don't bite

where we learn all the God gifts
of all a friend can be
and more

puppy school

such a good boy
Yes Blue dog
you're good
and Sam boy
and Saphira
all so good

While my grandbabies
are off in Africa
I milk goats
make cheese
make music
make art
ride horses

and get
puppy love

my favourite things

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my favourite things/ the good fight against AIDS

I am a little late getting this out but as every life is a gift I just want to share that as we fight against AIDS we are giving precious people an opportunity to bless their Creator with a new chance at a full and productive life.
I love this song dedicated to some of my favourite people in this world! Check them out at

Blessings to you all

All breath comes as a gift from God. There is nothing we can do apart from God.
He gives us
so that we
can work with Him
to bless others.

Today there is testing and treatment for HIV in South Africa and for the many babies that come through TLC's doors and into the hearts of the volunteers from all over the world that care for them  it has made a world of difference.
Enjoy this song.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

my favourite things/ who You are Lord

who you are Lord
is all that matters
to me

to see


I can trust You
because of
who You are

the Faithful One
the Forever One
the  holding my pain One
my Healing one

Do I trust You?
some would ask
what is there not to trust?
I must say

You are
the Joyous One
the Weeping One
the Gentle One
the Caring One

what is there not to trust?

You are
the All Seeing One
the All Knowing One
the Who makes me Laugh One
the Teaching One
the Patient One
the Who loves me One
the Who Holds my World One
when some would turn
all I know upside down
and shake out
all the pieces
of my peace

You are
the Puzzle 'Peacer'
the Put it Back Togetherer

there is nothing too hard for You

You are my One

~ who You are Lord~
my favourite things

Trusting God has nothing to do with us... it has everything to do with Him, and who He is ♥
He is Faithful, Wonderful, Counselor, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace
~He is able to do abundantly above all that we could ask or think

As I think of how He emptied Himself of all of Heaven and came to us as a boy child those many years ago, and entrusted Himself to a Young Mary and a man of favour, Joseph, to carry Him along to His purpose of the cross(for us) some thirty years later.... I stagger! I realize trusting God has everything to do with 'who' He is...

I come to You Lord and worship You~

~the fisherlady