Friday, November 25, 2011

my favourite things/ two little princesses

when joyous pleasure grips you
and your smile 'bout cracks your face
for all the childlike beauty
for all that love and grace
for the miracle of children
their laughter's
all it takes
how Jesus said be like them
if you'll enter

I cannot quite imagine
life without
these little girls
God's placed His sparkle in them
as they run
and dance
and twirl

they know His loving kindness
they even know to pray
to thank Him for the goodness
He brings to them
each day

they love to tell
me stories
of Goldilocks
and Three Bears
of all their friends
of all they do

and all the while
I stand amazed...
that God has given...
so much grace

my precious little princesses
with arms so full of hugs
I'll always have
a place
for you


the two of you

my favourite things

(Photo credit to Anne Vivier~ her photo gift to my daughter in celebration of her birthday)