Thursday, March 28, 2013

my favourite things/ my daddy

I had a good cry tonight
a sob rather
the midnight hour
coming home with my milk bucket full
two gallons brimming
the toboggan with empty water buckets and lids

I was exactly one step from the top of the hill
carefully testing each foot I put down
when swoosh went my feet from beneath me
and the milk made a rich and creamy path down the hill

My empty bucket and I
made it in the house and as I was at the pantry sink
washing everything
my tears and sobbing started

It was not crying over spilled milk
I did that once thirty years ago
and learned laughing about it is better
I was not even crying over being hurt
from falling down the hill
because I slid smooth
and even giggled

I was remembering my daddy
thirty one years gone
and I was remembering how
he always looked after me
there was no slippery hill
it was sanded

He would always go out before any of us
and make it safe
He would  take my hand
carry my load

keep me safe

so here I am sobbing
because I miss my daddy's love

a small thing
yet a big thing

I have known my daddy's love
he gave his life for us in everyway
to  keep us safe

Easter is here again
and I am remembering an Abba Daddy's love
to keep us safe

The empty tomb is there
because of a Father's great love

to keep us safe
sobbing happy tears now

my daddy
and my Abba Daddy
I've known such love

my favourite things


a funny thing to be almost sixty
and cry like a child
to not be hurt
to be absolutely fine
but cry
because you remember

my daddy
my favourite things