Saturday, April 2, 2011

my favourite things/ Spring thaw


roof's snow gathered
through the North's long winters
six months

for earth's safety net

released to find Spring's many rivlets
her creeks
raging rivers
her endless oceans
a joyous journey
the coming of new life

the Spirit awakening
in the old and dead
the Spirit refreshing
in the life laid down

the rest complete

the Spirit breathing


the rebirth of earth's sleeping creation

on wing

in the nest

on the hearth

in the heart

"from the tomb"

catalysts of new joy

Easter rebirth

always the dying
before the resurrection
the crown of thorns
before the crown of glory

after three days
He said he would rebuild 'This' temple

hope never dies


my hope of glory


winter of my life

the lovely
and incessant
dripping of the thaw

to bring ~the rebirth
to manifest ~the born again
the seeds shooting forth ~to bear fruit

the blessing for many

Grace complete

His Spirit
Spring thaw

my favourite things


Spring thaw
my favourite things

my favourite things/He dances and sings in the night

my hoody pulled high
my coat zipped
boots crunching
with each step
along the path

the night kissing away
the warm playings of the day
while people sleep

but God...

I caught Him dancing in the night
sweeping His paintbrush through the aspens
across the sleeping spruces and firs
red and green springing up through the white glow
across the northeastern horizon
sprinkles sent on wings
to brighten the heavens

reaching upwards
to our Abba Father
I could see
earth prayers
lifted in glory rays
from hearts of faith

dancing to the Son's song
lifted softly
to Heaven's heart
to the One

I caught Him singing as He sprinkled the evening stars
His song
in harmony
with the forest owls
the night train
the distant howl
of village dogs
soft around me

a cool freshness on my cheeks
the melody bursting for joy
in my lungs
as I laugh with the night

I am not alone

I caught Him dancing in the night
painting a Glory picture
another Masterpiece

I might have been sleeping

I caught his song
dropping from the scattered stars

while man sleeps

God neither slumbers nor sleeps
He plays in the night

while we sleep
and take our rest
and dream of other worlds

He holds us in His hand
while He dances in the night

warm glow on Night's canvas

our prayers rising

His heart answering

we sleep
He dances and sings in the night

my favourite things