Saturday, February 26, 2011

my favourite things/Sihle's snow

I knew it as soon as I swept my feet down the path

this was Sihle's snow

and my heart remembered a little girl
two Christmases ago
sweeping the feathery light snow
to the wind
with her gloves
catching it and seeing it dance and flit
letting it fall on her upturned face
eyes blinking for the joy of it
her laughter caught up
forever in my heart

I love how God brings back the moments
they are never lost
and My Abba Father knew
the longing in my whole being
for this little girl's laughter
and her
I Love you"s

my chores were light and easy today

she was in the snow angel making
in the games around the ladder
with the little goat-feet
flitting as joyously
as her snow tossed
to the wind

the baby goats would have loved her gentle presence

she was in the castle making

the face planting in the snow's freshness
to cool my face

she was in the dogs' game chasing

with each step home
I could see my little Sihle
and imagine the joy
of Pamela and Musa
when one day they discover
Sihle's snow
wings in the wind
a gentle beauty

my favourite things