Wednesday, April 18, 2012

my favourite things / this awesome God

this awesome God

He stooped
to pick me up
out of miry clay

my feet stand firm
because of Him

He once took clay
and shaped me

as man Adam

and woman Eve

He made me
in His image

And it was good

Now He stoops
to the pit
where we all made our home
and draws us out
wipes clay from our eyes
unstops our ears
tills the soil in our hearts

by His touch
we come to Life

now I see the Son

His brightness
gives breath
from drudgery

Now Peace
wraps each day
each moment

a song
lights my heart
and His Joy
and makes

this awesome God

my favourite things

my favourite things / a full heart

a full heart
a heart overflowing
though there be trials
and heartaches
the overflowing is bigger
and lifts up
over the walls of pain
that would hold one in

how do you love a little girl for three years
or four
and let her go

our Keshia girl
she has found some help
and maybe this little one will find her home
with her
already their hearts are wrapped
in love and trust
and fun
and laughter
a waking
and a sleeping
to see each other...

almost flew away

but today...

came back

with this my heart is full
and hope overflowing

believing God for good things

a full heart
my favourite things