Monday, January 17, 2011

a miracle day/my favourite things

today was a miracle day
nothing new
as every day is too

but today I brushed away the fear
and took the three hounds
and myself riding Mitzu
and headed up our snowy trail
into the forest

the snow brushed my feet
on either side of my pony
it was deep
and white
and pure as refiner's gold

we went long on the trail
my pony nervous at first
as was I

but then the moment took over
when all fear was gone
and my eyes were opened
to the glory around

The sun kissed the tree tops golden
the winter blanket lay unrumpled
all life asleep but us
Mitzu breaking through the snow trail
of two days ago
now past her belly
the hounds trailing close behind
tongues lolling
and spirits high

it was like this when I was twelve
and almost dying

I saw the host of heaven come for me
they were on a thick cloud of snow
powdery and bright
the Refiner's fire
purified and whole
the multitude
as the sand of the sea shores
so many
and the One before all the others
glistening in His Beauty
His Holiness lighting the others
and drawing me
pulling me
calling me

I looked at my dad
who all night had sat by my side
a silent prayer in his eyes
and told him
It is God
He is coming to take me now
He is beautiful
and I am happy to go

my eyes joined the sadness of his eyes
and heard the silence of his prayer
and I knew
I must stay

disappointed but knowing
I looked back on the vision
that had held me captive and set my heart to soaring
and He understood
and slowly
ever so slowly
the vision softened and
only my dad and I were left
and the answer from His heart

he had laughed when I'd told him God had pajamas like mine
when he saw I was leaving he had asked what God looked like

I had a nighty
They all had flowing robes
and steads whiter than snow
as they rode on the wings of the wind
I wish he could have seen their glory

drawing nearer
calling me
heart to heart
no words
just the drawing
the beauty
the longing

If only he could have seen how His gown sparkled
mine flannel
His Light
and Glory
Grace coming to claim what was His
and in Mercy
leaving me a while longer
to be joy to this old papa
who poured out his every love for me
and needed still
his young girl's hand in his
and needed still to hear her laughter
and see her smile
and dance through each day

a gift

this life

and each day
a miracle day

my favouite things