Saturday, June 2, 2012

my favourite things/ He gives us quiet rest

"Finally, as day was closing and the stars of the heavenlies lined up next to a slightly-golden 3/4 moon in a navy sky... "
http://these are words penned by my friend Dawn over at
she is watching the same moon
the same night sky
from a long ways off

I felt right at her side
these delightful nights
when day touches evening
and it never quite gets dark here...
perhaps there...
with her 'navy skies'

of a sudden
the sun that just set in the west
will rise again in the east
in just three hours
until then the
quiet darkness hides herself
in a brilliant ceiling
navy clouds
cast lightly
across the eastern sky
rain taken to the mountains
passing us by

I came out at 8:30
and fell into bed at midnight
the hours inbetween
hidden in the night watch
talking to each horse
cleaning paddocks
milking goats
herding them across the evening fields
as long as they heard my voice calling across the pasture
they were settled

Blue dog doing her task
with zeal
Sam resting
his work done

the colours lay rich and warm
in the final hours of day
when one works
the slightly golden moon
bigger than half size
coming up with the night
the sky still bright yellow
the navy clouds still drifting
in the eastern sky

the robins
could not quit their song
it lilted sweet and melodic
from the forest branches
high up
floating with the night air
the flickers' call staccatoing
the echo joyous
and clear
pure sound
electrifying the night
I lay captive
in its lair
spell bound

leaving... not an option
in the beauty
of this darkening hour

"Even the darkness is Light to Him"

my goats call out
the birds now quiet
the train calling
Good Night
as its soft rumble
far off
in the distance

I finally go home
down the long driveway
up our hill

above me the Big Dipper
tips out her blessings
angel dust
all about me
I take this quiet rest
and close the door behind me
my steps soft

I lay me down to sleep

I know my soul
the Lord
will keep

He neither slumbers
nor sleeps

the Lord
my Keeper
through the closing of day
and through the night

across the land and sea
and here with me

He gives us quiet rest

my favourite things