Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my favourite things/ remember

have you ever
gone back
a long ways

can you
sunny days
under the old willow
climbing up high
to the sky
trying hard to hide

hop scotch
for hours
on your big patio squares
borrowed swimsuits
held together

our friends
all different
no two the same
it didn't quite matter
what colour
or frame

hide and seek
or scraped knees...
a friend was
someone there
in your time of need
they laughed with you
and maybe cried
but were always there
to help you through

before you grew
into who you are
it was just
you and me
it was all
I knew

with you at my side
I learned about God
we'd watch the clouds
just waiting to see
when Jesus would come
to take you and me
we'd watch Billy Graham
and I'd always cry
I was only six
and I don't know why
but it meant the world to me
that your family cared
and I felt the love
that was always shared
your room
or the stairs
watching you play the piano
or a walk to the pool
an ice cream at Peter's
was always so cool
hide and seek
at the park
ice skating
on the pond
we shared skates
and secrets
and love was our bond

just friends
you and I
through thick and thin
through bad times and good
it was Love


I'm not six anymore
neither seven nor eight
but with a friend right beside me
I"ll reach Heaven's gate
there'll be friends all around us
And Jesus will say
let them come unto Me
for I am the Way
I know these kids love Me
I've watched them at play
I've placed My love in them
I gave them today

you told me your mom
though the years have caught up
still sings all the hymns
knows every word
every chorus

she's the one
I remember
will never forget
for she told me about Jesus
that day on her bed
She opened the closet
pulled down the big Book
we sat there together
as she asked me to look
I watched as she turned pages
that became life to my soul
I felt my heart lighten
and burdens unfold

I still see those pictures
in your Mama's big Book
all the giants of faith
the Daniels
the Elijahs
the Esthers
the Pauls
but Jesus was sweetest
on His Name I called
he cleansed me
and saved me
now with faces aglow
we played through the hours
His great love
we did know

so I was just wondering
dear friend of mine

have you ever
gone back
a long ways
do you remember
at all

how God's grace
did save us

my friend

I'll remember
it all

my favourite things

I dedicate this to my friend Carolee and her sweet mom....my friend writes:
Happy to be once again moved to joyful tears watching my almost 91 year old mom singing hymns in church BY HEART. Even though she's lost much of her memory, God has graciously allowed her to remember the words and music to praise Him!!



my favourite things