Sunday, May 27, 2012

my favourite things/ Pentecost & May 29th

we celebrate twice

twice every year

and this year marks 35 years
that my man and I have walked this dear earth
hand in hand
with the One
Who has glued our hearts as one
though we be different
Who has given us peace after every war
words when no words could be found
no words when just being together was enough
Who has given us laughter
and a shared vision
though sometimes we have to share
how we see it
and wait
for eyes to focus
and hearts to soften
and kindness to flow

and a believing

pressing on
though sometimes we have to
find each other

sometimes love is close to hate
then back again and we wonder how it could ever have tipped so crazy
when 'together' is so much better

it is walking trails
through all seasons
watching babies become young people
with love all their own
dreams all their own
and adventures
all their own
unfolding for them
as we remember them
beginning with us

and we smile
and hold hands
and continue
down life's trail...
thankful for the One
who always holds us
and reminds us what Love is

and what Love does

today as the sun shon golden on the forest trees
while we yet slept
early in the morning
I awoke to this man yet beside me
as through most every other morning
of our thirty five years
I traced the lines of his face and hands resting
as he slept deep
I traced over them with my eyes
and realized how I know them completely
by heart
and how I love in these early hours
to waken
and just watch..
to hear his soft breath
and see the gentle and slow rise and fall
of his chest
and the morning light resting golden
across him

so beautiful he is
as he lies in this morning peace
and as he stirs
I slide my hand in his
and he squeezes it softly
though he still sleeps

and with the cat
our old Oliver
calling us up to start our day
with his meows
we join together in heart
and pray our way into this beautiful
new day
we lift all our beloveds
and their dreamings
all those about us who hurt
all those about us who rejoice
we lift them
to the One
who gifts us today
with 35 years

Bethany and Stephen
planned and cooked a banquet
for us today
ready for us as we came in after church
we had earlier phoned with Jedaiah
and Skyped with Shoshanna
and three little grand kiddies
all singing and laughing for us

That was when I noticed
someone saying
through cyberspace
that it was Pentecost

not that we had forgotten
you can't forget love
but that all this joy would fall
on our day
A God gift to us day

all this joy
and a great reason to celebrate
this was the cherry on the cake


our favourite things

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my favourite things/ my Father's Love

my Father's Love

a channel Lord
I want to be
for Your Love
to flow
from You through me
to all I meet
along life's way
this moment
with each breath I breathe

Your Love through me
I pray

this moment
with each breath I breathe

it's my Father's Love
it's what I need

my favourite things

Monday, May 14, 2012

my favourite things/ Mother's Day

it is a glad saying for those who hold the joy
deep in their bosom

for those with sorrow
it stings as an arrow pierced through

my heart aches
but more it is glad

I have these amazing kids
who show up on early mornings
flowers gracing their flight up the stairs
where I pour my love into body food for all
while they bring soul food for me
to encourage
and lighten
my heart

I float

the joy holds me
like a million helium balloons
I rejoice high above my worries
and cares
a song bubbles
from this fullness
and  a precious son smiles
at a silly mama's tears

he knows I loved
his gift

he knows
it was perfect

as it sits out with hummingbirds
already drunk on its nectar
they do a foxtrot between the hanging basket
of this glorious fushcia
and the hanging bottle of their sugary water
the dance goes on all day
and the buzz of joy
lightens our hearts

a papa breakfast
a hike with dad and son
a call from South Africa
on Skype
a call from Alberta
two delightful daughters
mother hearts of their own

love you notes and calls from heart kids
lent to me for this season
also forever loved
in my mama heart
our souls all glad
our spirits soaring

because somewhere
at sometime
we have all had a mom

even if we are not a mom

sometime in our lives
a mom has blessed us

so sorrow can be joy
most days!
this day!

Mother's Day
one of
my favourite things

and kitty sleeping with my man

my favourite things

Thursday, May 10, 2012

my favourite things/ an old English painting

night was calling

still day held on

looking high above me
I saw the sky full as in an old English painting

the clouds
like heavy white cotton balls
were held motionless
in the forever blue
of the twilight hour

after all the winds of the day
blowing me this way and that
in this calm I now felt part
of this landscape

the tall evergreens stood black
against this voluminous sky
like the darkened paint
of the old masters
the colours once alive and vibrant
now lost to night's touch
and somehow redeemed
in the soft hazy glow of a simple barn light
this magic setting the goats' feet
to dancing

this old painting
was alive
and I was captured
in this moment in history
when time has no place
but always is

I was
captured in a
of the Maker's doing
it will be hung on heaven's walls
and signed by the King of kings
and there... where one sees the goats leaping
there ... is an old goat lady
clasping her hands
and dancing along
the soft haze of a barn light
glowing warm across her face
her smile big
her heart

on the swing
in the loft
looking down
in joy

is the

in Heaven's gallery
we will find
we were never alone

His Masterpieces
will astound us

for He said

He would never leave us
nor forsake us

He is in each painting

an old English painting

my favourite things

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

my favourite things/ Spring morning awakening

Life Golden
breathes upon
this morning earth
Your forest life

colour melts
the night's adieu
and quickens song
in bird
and my heart

my eyes behold
my heart does see
this glory You have gifted me
You revive life
throughout this earth
this Grace
Your gift
so free


this Gold You spread
across the land
this Light that wakes with Dawn
this Warmth that captures
all my breath
and quickens me
from death's

and speaks
the Words
stand fast
spread wings
and live each breath
set free from sin's dark clasp

You hold the reason
for each breath
I take

You hold the vision
for this life
You make

Your Life Golden
wakes the earth
prepares the soil
scatters seed

and when I grow
I pray

let it be



Spring morning awakening

my favourite things

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

my favourite things/ I stand wrapped in You

I stand
in You
in colours
of a Northern Spring

the setting sun
aflame with vibrant glow
bathing treetops gold
settling coral fire and
flaming pinks 
to wake my soul
and make it cry
Oh take me Lord

God's paintbrush swished
in softest blues
behind this fire
of sky and soul

awake O sleeping one

Shining Light
my Saviour dear
reveal in me
Your presence bright
burn all dross
refine my
until I shine
like this Spring night
Your Spirit

until Your love
in me

paint the blue
splash the coral fire
and flames in pink
touch my branches high
as Spring's new life
does wake each bough
and clothe in verdant greens
to be Your servant here
to shelter those
along this path
You bring
to find

I stand
in You
O Lord
in colours
of a Northern Spring

my favourite things