Sunday, January 27, 2013

my favourite things/ chasing the moon

a long day done
riding home up the old Airport Hill

and there
rising above the Fraser
and Nechako
was this Mr Moon
my Old Friend

funny I could still see the same face there
I had always seen
the serene one
always calm
half smiling

pleased that I had dared look up

we smiled at each other

all the way home I stopped
jumped out of my car
and snapped

my camera was happy
the light was fading
but the brightness matched
the shine of my countenance
as we traveled together
my 32 kms

it was peek a boo
and catch me if you can
a stop in the misty fields at Marsha's
click again
her cows away in a different field for the night
the old cabins held in the mist like a dream
angel webs swaying through the trees
the night singing a lullaby
with the night hawk
and fox in the field
mice gathered
for the young

past my driveway
a stop at our neighbours
Mr Moon playing leapfrog
with their big rounds of hay
coyote paths wound round and round
in games of tag
me balancing
to catch his fullness sitting in the trees
Mr Moon
round and soft
in the haze of the
fleeing afternoon

old fences
barb wire stretching far
the mist settling deep
humming a 'go to sleep' song
'a day is done' song
my camera clicking
almost too dark

Past another dear neighbour
cows stretched across the horizon
fronts seats to the rising Mr Moon
their low mooing
sweetness in the
closing of the 
day sunk wearily into night

at the Willow now
beavers in lodges silent
the water's flow mostly beneath snow
Mr Moon
fuzzy in the fog
soft above the trees
stopped for the night
as I look over the bridge
all around
I breath deep
to fill my being with more
of this vigor
this laughter
of our game
of chase and find
and the rest

Home now
He slowly follows me
up our driveway
and I leave him
sitting above the poplars
company through the night
for our horses
and goats
Blue dog and Sam
all the wild ones of the
night will howl
front seats
with Mr Moon
and the night

a God gift
chasing the moon

my favourite things

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

my favourite things/ the manure pile

A strange thing this manure pile
It grows on me
in more ways than one

Today as I laboured
on stall number two
right down to the bottom
wheel barrow filled thirty times
pushed thirty times to the gathering place
where it will sit and age and become useful
through the Winter months
the Spring season
into the middle of Autumn
when all the fields are grazed
and dirty tractor tracks
won't spoil the fields

the goats
on sweet

the manure
will be spread
and within the first weeks of
'Spring snow' disappearing
the new grass will be rich
and lush
growing high
so that the droughts won't harm it
the blazing sun won't scorch the roots
the heat won't burn it
and the goats and horses
wandering all through these now 'snow baren' months
will enjoy like gourmands
eating as they play and leap with joy
gathering strength and health
for Winter's long months ahead

and so the cycle goes on

I will find myself
in the manure pile

cleaning stalls
thirty wheelbarrow loads one day
fifty the next
weeks of this

I am not the prodigal
though I may have been
caught in my rebellion
before I knew the truth
and was set free

still I dig manure

and do it gladly

I am constantly reminded
that it is out of the mire
that He pulled me
and set my feet upon
a Rock

I am free to walk away

In my heart I am free
but I buffet my body to continue
in this labour
to remember
from where He has brought me

And at night as I walk home through the starry night
I rejoice that just as the uncountable stars that He knows by name
I am one of the 'named' in His book of Life
names as many as the grains on the seashore
as the stars above

I am one
of many

on the cross
Jesus said
It is finished

His labour of love complete

we are His rich harvest
we stand forgiven
and loved

all this
I learn
a walk home
on a starry night

and a manure pile

my favourite things

Sunday, January 20, 2013

my favourite things / just wondering

wondering about all this glory tonight
in the clearness and quietness
of the midnight sky

Your glory Lord
so unfading
so whole
my soul
always satisfied

in Thee alone
O Lord
I rest

I revive
I energize
I lift praises
I exalt You

I never tire
with You
in this place

the sky is bright tonight Lord
each star I see
I pray You keep my heart clear like this night sky
nothing clouding Your will
for me

keep me O Lord
on Your steadfast path
and like the good Samaritan
give me purse and desire
to bless those flogged
upon my way
to uphold the weary
bind up their wounds
and always
return to bless
with Your sweet grace

it is enough this grace

wondering about all this glory tonight
in the clearness and quietness
of the midnight sky

keep my heart so clear O Lord

my favourite things

Friday, January 18, 2013

my favourite things / the first week

how do you describe the feeling

this new life come to join ours

It has been a week since we welcomed little Wyatt Robert
into our family
Love made

A new life sits nestled in our arms
we all take turns
and I can't help remembering
holding his mother Bethany
twenty six years ago
this same marvelous feeling

This little boy is pure sweetness
He is strong
He can hold his head high
and already he has learned so many things
He knows who feeds him warm nourishing milk
Which arms though strong hold him safe in their fold
He knows all their voices
and the comfort of their presence
He knows us old ones
and our forever love
He sees his world firsthand
He hears music and song
and all the busyiness of this world
we have welcomed him into

he has learned how to smile

he has had his first emergency call
his little eye swollen with a plugged tearduct
perhaps what a warm facecloth could cure
yet all the parent concern precious

and all the care from his parents' hearts so needed
to help this little one grow strong
in the family
Love builds...

two more days to gather
the softness of his cheeks
the silkiness of his hair
the gurgle of his first sounds
the laughter
and joy
of all the people
in his little world
who will bless him
and love him
and be life to him

they will show him the Father's Love
because this being 'formed in His image'
means we will see our children
like He sees us
and they will be so loved

all this I will carry back with me
over the Rockies
to our little homestead
where this first week
will lay pressed joyous
against my heart
all his every breath
recorded in God's book of Life
will rest warm
and ever remembered
in this


the first week
my favourite things

Thursday, January 10, 2013

my favourite things / a new baby

a new breath given
to this boychild
a name given
to this miracle
two lives entwined in love
God takes their hearts
and makes them one
and born of love
is this gift
of a child

like Mary
of Judea
Beth was great with child
and now Wyatt Robert
lies wrapped
in swaddling cloth
and swaddled in his
mama's arms
and swaddled in his 
daddy's arms
lies peacefully
the circle of love

like Mary
of Judea
every mama ponders
the miracles of birth
traces over the lines of her child
with her fingers
soft as the petals of a rose
this skin that holds
this new life
this boychild
all joy and mischief
endless energy
and fun
growing by God's grace
wrapped within
this soft skin
embraced by a
mama heart

Like every father
their gaze amazed
this daddy watches
while this sleeping bundle
lies supported by his strength
shaping to his arm
resting against his daddy heart
learning already
to trust and believe
in this strong one
with a kind
and gentle

And here rests Gramma
watching the miracle all over again
as the ones which passed
years ago
her heart rejoicing

to witness
their joy

they might tire of hearing 'their' stories
'Yes, mom, we know it...'
but truth tell
I could never really ever be finished
the telling of their stories
I have pondered in my heart
each moment

such mercy and grace

to be three times safely delivered
of a new baby
and know this time wrapped in eternity
this caressing rose petal softness
learning each fold and sigh
wanting to be more than this child
will ever need

a gift from God

we carry them
He fashions them
we nurture
and love them
He guides their heart

love gifts from our Father's gracious hand
this joy

Wyatt Robert
a new baby
my favourite things

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

my favourite things/ today


I would not change a single thing
it is exactly as should be
and with a sigh and great relief
face all my God would have for me

it's knowing God goes with me
that this day holds His design
it may be filled with laughter
or tears may be entwined

our days here may be shortened
on earth our temperal home
or days may see us old and grey
as on this earth we roam

the secret lies in trusting
He knows what's best for me
that He will lead and guide me on
to all He's dreamed I'd ever be

with one hand in the Master's
my gaze set fast on Him
His joy abounding endless
His peace that rests within

I face this gift we call today
with all its unknown possibilites
and like a child on Christmas morn
consider love's great probabilities

He has my very best in mind
sweet fellowship will be His plan
together we will catch a star
or do anything I think I can

I 'm not sure I'll move a mountain
or swim the deepest sea
but I know how good this day will be
because my Jesus walks with me


my favourite things