Wednesday, November 24, 2010

crunch/ my favourite things

it has been three weeks
wired shut
blended thin and smooth

it is alright
I enjoy all the flavours
I have made wonderful puree soups
the fruit and yoghurt are to die for

but today
I went out on a limb

I craved... crunch

not carrot crunch
or apple crunch

but cheezie crunch

I don't like just any cheezie
it has to be crisp and without a hint of staleness

Eduardo likes sales
and the cheezies he buys on sale
are ALWAYS stale

but if you can believe it

today I went into the cupboard
and took down a bag
of his unopened truly cheese sticks

I squished a cheezie between my lips and my wired teeth
squashed it gently and sucked until I could taste that wonderful stale taste

the first two seconds were awesome
then the flavour was gone so I squashed a second one next to it

two more seconds of pleasure
then I couldn't blow air or suck juice

I was gooped

I looked in the mirror and had to laugh
I was good and gooped!

that  is not a good thing when your mouth
is wired shut

I squirted the syringe
brushed my teeth
swished and swashed
all to no avail

I was gooped

an hour later
now I feel half clean
it will take all day
to make air pass through the spaces
in my teeth again

I'm still dreaming of cheezies
and pizza
and apple pie
and quishe
an apple
a cheese and cracker

I think I will wait the three weeks though

the countdown is on for


my favourite things

Monday, November 22, 2010

my foot warmers / my favourite things

I was sitting at the computer
Bethany had sent a message from the airport

"hugs to her puppy"

I had to laugh
as Blue dog was stuck between my feet
my foot warmer
a little wigglier than usual
but soft
and oh so warm

I wrote Bethany how good the puppies had been
how happy to see me home again
how Saphira had greeted me then charged straightway
down to the basement to find her mistress
who was flying high on her way to Afrika

to Saphira's homeland

I was pleased Saphira had settled
after checking out
all the dog dishes and
checking out any fallen crumbs
it was siesta time
for the dear canines
and the sweet feline
was up on the kennel
also asleep

wondering why my foot warmer was so wiggly
I looked to see that it wasn't Blue dog at all
but Saphira!
She was snuggling as close to my feet as she could get

she discovered the cat's favourite place over the heat vent
and my foot warmer disappeared
and took on the likeness of Oliver

I am certain I heard purring

and I am sure it was the Afrikan hound
dreaming of Afrikan sun and
lying with her Bethany

puppy dreams

my foot warmers
my favouite things

little birthdays/ my favourite things

a candle dropped out of Bethany's suitcase this morning
she hadn't noticed
but I had stuck it in
thinking of my little grandboy
a year old today and to be celebrated

the big suitcase was already around the turnstye
and you can't put wax in your carry on luggage
such a little candle
but it had to come back home with me
as did the goat cheese

we were nine pounds over the 50
so right then and there we opened her up and
started taking out books and manna bears

they gave us a bag to put them in
and Bethany carried them in hand

she would have lots of children's books to read
on her long journey
it will keep her young
to see through the eyes of a child

I cried long and hard
as I told her all the things to say to my three babas
my heart was already going with her
just this ol' body had to stay
so it wept just a little
or maybe more

I wasn't even ashamed
how can one be ashamed of love

for big kids
and little girls
and a little birthday boy

Their heart is wrapped in mine
there is no escape
and I want to be held captive

I can see their bright smiles
and hear their precious giggles
my laughter is wrapped in theirs
and when Bethany delivers a suitcase of love
from us all
my heart will sit there and be filled
with all the joy

my favouite things

Saturday, November 20, 2010

a moon ring/my favourite things

my chickens needed food
and Eduardo was still up

I put on my winter coat and boots
grabbed my bucket of pellets
for my feathered friends
ducks and hens
and went out into the night
a little chill at -20C

Eduardo put on his coat
and headed out to grab one more load
of wood for the furnace

usually I walk alone
discover the beauty alone
sigh and breath thanks
to my Maker alone

tonight though I had to go back
and bring Eduardo out to the field

he is usually not game
but tonight he took my hand
and we traced over my tracks in the snow

The ring around the Moon was enormous
I didn't have to say a thing
I just watched him look up and sigh
and exclaim amazement
the rays came from the South
and stretched to the North
making an arc around the brilliant Moon

we didn't tire
but watched and watched

as we walked home
arm in arm
content to have shared
these moments
a gift from our Saviour
Who delights in astounding us
a huge star fell before us
its flame as large as the Moon
just seconds later it burned itself out
over our neighbours' field

we walked home amazed
reveling in the small token
from our Fathers big basket of blessings
something just fit for these kids of the King

He says,
you should have been there
when We put it all together...
now "that"was astounding...
but this was a little gift all the same
to keep you in wonder
to keep you in awe

I am so glad my chickens needed food
and my Eduardo was still up
wouldn't have missed it
for anything

a moon ring

my favourite things

Monday, November 1, 2010

ghosts and goblins

a long way from our home trails
three wild dogs
two wilder horses and
two of the wildest
young ladies
went in search
of adventure
and found the wild things
of the deep
dark forest

every grouse that flew out
every cow that stood gazing
every branch that cracked
each time a dog broke out of the brush
our horses were sure the lions
were on the loose
or ghosts and goblins

riding in the shadows sent a chill
through their bodies and ours
but that was only the Autumn freshness

the wet swamps felt like
they were swallowing us alive
with their
squish squish squish
but that was just our latter rains
filling every crevice
in the earth
it was
All Saints Eve
and the horses were sure
ghosts and goblins
were about

the horses' every fiber
was alert to the looming creatures
and each step careful and tested
we had to laugh at their antics
and at the dogs
as they all scurried here
and darted there

We had fun and laughed
as the shadows lengthened and
the sun in the open fields warmed our faces

we headed the horses home
where ghosts and goblins were gone
and friendly nickers called them
and fresh hay and cozy shelters
and the night was there
to dream
about the silliness of
ghosts and goblins

All Saints Eve


God with us
no need for alarm

rest sweet horses
and dream

my favourite things

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the trail / my favourite things

the trail
leads to surprises
and laughter
and fun

with Bethany it is always
lined with adventure

we head off
on Celina
and Angel
following the path of leaves
and earthy smells
where the wolves and moose
have gone before

today the sun is golden through the
naked branches of the poplars and birch
the large cottonwoods cast shadows before us
and the firs glisten with the sparkling dewdrops
today every jewel is ours
the horses are crowned in their glory
and Bethany
bareback on Angel
leads on

my girl is very careful
with her mama
but her taste for adventure
takes us off the worn path

here the trail disappears
the horses also eager for adventure
wind through the underbrush
down steep ravines and up tall peaks
the three dogs
weave in and out with us
tongues long
tails high

my heart races within me
as we pass landmarks
I have memorized some 30 years before
wandering on foot 
throughout all those years with Eduardo
or the children
seeking treasures
old log cabins
ancient firs
sleeping bears
hidden deer
owls and eagles
with their song
and dance
and that of our hearts

on horseback I feel
like an early explorer
the air thick with its wildness
my pulse matching
that of Celina's

Bethany calm and graceful
before us leads on
while my heart wants to burst
from my chest
for the pure delight
of these moments together

and then
just when I am not sure

where we are

we burst out of the wildness
back onto our home trail
and my heart settles
and my smile can't stop
as we pass our sleeping cottonwoods
golden chantarelles
jewels still sparkling

horses hold such power
beneath and within

my fear says
so much could go wrong

God says
perfect love casts out all fear

His perfect love
His perfect gift of today

His perfect blessing of my daughter

these lovely horses
these dear sweet hounds
His majestic beauty all around

I hold His love

my fear is lost in the wind
I rejoice in the adventure
with Bethany
on our

my favourite things

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

my favourite things / goat play dog play

goat play
dog play

Eduardo tells his students
about how he loves his children
and how this Spring
he had 21 new kids
born at home

and they say 

Wow! So many children!
Who looks after them all?

Why the nannies of course!

and then he laughs
and tells about the goat kids

I love when he laughs at his own jokes
even if they are corny

that means he is happy

and that means a lot

today 33 chileans
will be able to laugh at their own jokes
and no matter how silly
I know their wives will smile along

69 days trapped

Mario Sepulveda
was with God
and with the devil
and said
he reached out to God

God says
call out to Me in your day of trouble

I will deliver you

and you shall glorify Me

as each one was pulled out of the pit

I wailed

and laughed

and drank salty tears
all the while thanking God
that each family was spared

the sorrow that could have been

the simple things
will mean so much to them now

I am sure Florencio Avalos
will watch his son's every game
Omar Reygadas
will treasure holding his great grandchild

I think there will be more play
more hugs
more joyous tears
more mercy

more value placed

upon each newborn day

after crying 

and rejoicing
for the 33 miners

I went out and worked hard
carried fence rails
trimmed goat hoofs
debudded horns

then sat and rested and remembered
the miracle

and watched
the goat play
and dog play

my favourite things


Thursday, October 7, 2010

gold/my favourite things


I hear the streets
of heaven
are paved
with it.

it is
some men's pockets
some churches
some rich people's homes

when I walked my trails
for many days now
the gold
did fall
from heaven
and rich was I...
my path before me
paved deep in the lustrous colour
that makes some people

rich was I
the air fresh and deep
with Autumn's mystery
like that of heaven
all shut up
until that day
when we will walk
those glory streets

and when we do
we might just find that it is Autumn there
and the gold the same
we walk through now
the glory all around us
the brightness
the sweet aroma
the peace
the abundant joy
for all the beauty

And God said
it was good

when I get to heaven
and walk those streets of gold
will it be with thieves who line their pockets
or with those whose eyes do see His Glory
and say...
it is good


I hear the streets of heaven

my favourite things

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bare feet / my favourite things

bare feet

there is something about feeling the earth between your toes
or the loose sand
or wet grass

Jaime always liked bare feet

at his wedding
I found him coming out of the garden
toes dancing in the coolness of the morning

he carried the smile
he's always carried
bit his lip
and still had the youthful twinkle
in his eye
that said

this is just how I like it

it couldn't be better

Jedaiah would throw off
his shoes and socks
when the first grass
began to
after it had  played
hide and seek with the snow
from October
'til May

my little boy would race his sisters
around the snow piles
and the laughter that
lifted in the air
was painted with
the same colours
as Jaime's
silly grin
on that wedding day

I like the mud between my toes
in June
when the sun is hot
and we play in
the slimy clay

one is never
too old
or too young
to feel the earth
the toes

a basin of water

a towel


dusty worn out feet

tired with the heat
of the day

and not just play


I wonder

barefoot ?

my favourite things

sour dough / my favourite things

I have been making bread
all week

it is a busy process

I put away my yeast
and instead have starters
for sour dough

two starters
from two friends

I have doubled the amounts by adding
flour and water

mixed it smooth
to look like pancake batter

saved some 'levain'
in the fridge

and let the other be warm and grow
waited eight hours
and fed it again

all week I have been feeding my levain
and waiting

smelling it
watching for it to rise and double its size
looking for it to collapse
waiting for it to be bubbly and wrinkled

I think it is dead

It has no life
gives off no sweet odour



I checked the part
I put in the fridge
the half I fed and put aside
to rest

It still had bubbles
and a pleasant odour

I will try again

I think I watered down the food
not enough sustenance
I starved it
maybe I did not keep it warm enough
I missed a few days
didn't measure just right
I am sort of a 'throw in this and a bit of that' kind of person

but there is a better way
it is already proven
it would have made my levain grow
given it bounce
given it life

Red Rooster

my risen dough
when ready
should feel soft
with a body to it
just like a baby's bumb

(makes me smile to remember
all my Afrikan babies and TLC)

I am going to try again

my husband's happy heart
for a good loaf of bread

I am going to make a good levain
feed it well
let some rest
and watch
for the bubbles
and the wrinkles
and the pleasant odour

time with Jesus
resting in Him
being filled with His joy
getting old and wrinkled
being a sweet savour
to those around us

feeding on His Word
waiting on His Spirit

good levain

sour dough
my favourite things

I am making sour dough bread... or rather... trying!
It is a balance between feeding my starter or starving it, watching it bubble and grow and smell yeasty or seeing it lie flat out, unmoving, useless and heart is the same I let God feed me so that I am alive and growing in Him or do I seal myself off and become useless to His Kingdom and to those around me?
I want to be good levain, alive, and bubbly, so I will unscrew my cap that keeps Him out and let Him feed me by His Spirit through His Word... I want to make good loaves, over and over again!
There is a hungry world out there!
He is the Bread of Life!

from the fisherlady

watching the stars/ my favourite things

it was August
years ago
that Nao Takashima
from Osaka
visited us

with her came origami animals
Japanese lessons
and cooking

she rode to the Willow
with Jedaiah by day
and by night
we lay on the fields
and watched  the Milky Way
and the dancing Northern Lights

She had never seen the stars
nor heard of the Northern Lights

twenty-eight years
and she didn't know their existence

she had never seen the dark

in Osaka night never comes to the night sky
in the brightness of the city
the stars lay hidden

but we found them that August
in a little village of no consequence

except for pornography scandals
and weed busts
we were unknown

it was there that Nao found in the night sky
the stars that had always lay hidden from her

it was there in that little town
that she found the Light that lighteneth all men
and she grew as a tender reed
and bruised so easily

She poured her heart out in service on the farm
and in our home she created word pictures
in her tongue
to bless

but she never understood about the Shepherd

Jesus as Lord and Saviour... yes
Master and Creator of the universe... yes
Almighty God...yes
Everlasting Father... yes

But Shepherd... no

I asked her if she might calligraphy in her tongue
"Jesus, the Good Shepherd lay down His Life for the sheep"

she was deeply hurt at my request and offended

she said it wasn't possible to put the Holy One in the dirt
amongst lowly animals

It took many hours to help her see
that Jesus IS the Good Shepherd
Who lay down His life for the sheep

That He chose to put aside His royalty
and His Heavenly Home

And that we are the sheep
the people of His pasture

That the Good Shepherd always comes to find
that which is lost

and brings it Home

Nao made our word picture
at last with a joyous heart
and with understanding

the day she left
I stood and waved
while our eyes met
and our hearts joined
like the Milky Way
stretched out across the sky

She has a brightness now that will never leave her
it is as the Northern Lights
dancing that night
in a town of
little consequence

born in Bethlehem

and the star shone
over the stable where He lay
The King of kings
came down
to us

His brightness can be seen in the darkest hour

watching the stars
my favourite things

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Autumn/ my favourite things


her name was fresh
on the morning dew

we saw her
coming ...
in our hurry
to be gone

but for her
the morning
was lazy

so we waited

in God's time
she showed herself
wiggling with joyous anticipation
for the warmth
of her mother's milk
for the exhilaration
of stretching out her long legs

a gentle beauty
like laced frost in the early mornings
of golden leaves
against blue skies

she arrived

while in the womb
God knew her
in the secret place
He formed her

five months
we waited
through the long
hot summer
we dreamed

and now
at summer's end

she came

we held her
loved her


in her quiet beauty

Bethany called her...


my favourite things

the things that "Wow!" me

Through my 'favourite things', I will share the little things that happen through each day that "wow' me and remind me that we have a Great God, who loves us, and who calls us His children. And this is the love of the Father, that He loved us... and called us His children.
I have been twice ransomed/ redeemed/ adopted... first into a forever family who gave their lives for me and second into the family of God, by the finished work of Jesus on the cross, who died to take away my sins, rose, and has gone ahead to prepare a place for me and for all those who call on His Name. He has not left me comfortless, but has left His Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth, to correct and instruct me, to heal and comfort me, to give me abundant joy and His peace. My faith is a gift from Him and my prayer for you is that you will find him Faithful and also put your trust in Him...Jesus said, "You believe in God, believe also in Me."
He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the same Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. He will Always be there for you! Trust Him! I know you will be blessed <3

my favourite things/ a list

my favourite things

it isn't difficult
to make a list

the problem is
its length


my favourite things