Saturday, February 26, 2011

my favourite things/Sihle's snow

I knew it as soon as I swept my feet down the path

this was Sihle's snow

and my heart remembered a little girl
two Christmases ago
sweeping the feathery light snow
to the wind
with her gloves
catching it and seeing it dance and flit
letting it fall on her upturned face
eyes blinking for the joy of it
her laughter caught up
forever in my heart

I love how God brings back the moments
they are never lost
and My Abba Father knew
the longing in my whole being
for this little girl's laughter
and her
I Love you"s

my chores were light and easy today

she was in the snow angel making
in the games around the ladder
with the little goat-feet
flitting as joyously
as her snow tossed
to the wind

the baby goats would have loved her gentle presence

she was in the castle making

the face planting in the snow's freshness
to cool my face

she was in the dogs' game chasing

with each step home
I could see my little Sihle
and imagine the joy
of Pamela and Musa
when one day they discover
Sihle's snow
wings in the wind
a gentle beauty

my favourite things

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my favourite things/ Jesus, You are my River

You are my River

I run down to Your banks
and sit by Your side
resting wholly in You

there is no other

You are alive

You sing to my heart
awakening every longing
deep within me
to be one
with You
in Your flow
refreshment renewing my being
my breath replaced
by Your surging current
stirring my longings
to see Your face

Your reflection
mirrored in the still waters
Your beauty
takes my breath away and I gasp for life

Your filling
may it flow through me

I rest
by the ice
and see your clarity
I feel Your warmth
keeping the flow
from freezing

I see hearts

earth turned
and waiting for Spring
for the planter and the waterer
praying for a harvest rich

Shoshanna harvested a squash
from her garden today
19 kg
bigger than her children
a rich harvest
and her
the happy gardener
and friend Hannah rejoicing
and us laughing
all the while thinking of soups
and pies
oven roasts
and freezing some away

I saw the fallow earth
when I was there
and lifted a prayer
for a harvest
Jedaiah dug deep
and planted
Bethany watched

Shoshi and the children
watered and watched

while we waited
the Master Gardener
put 42 lbs into a squash
a miracle

to be there but not really see it happen
like my babies that were once only a thought
and now
play and dance and sing
another miracle
I'm not sure how God does it
but I can't hold back the mama joy
and the thanks
as I sit at His Riverside
catching His image
catching His love words
giving life
to my soul

Be still
Know that it is I


one with my Jesus
He is my River

my favourite things

Your image
resting near the banks
where I drink
my thirst 

the willows
heavy in winter's blanket
bend burdened
they stretch their arching boughs
and bring their praises
their petitions
to your flowing source
reflecting themselves in You
made glorious in You
Your Light in their darkness
Your blanket of winter's cover
Your temporary
offer of rest

until that day
when we
will be complete
the calm waters flowing
hiding us in You
and when we look into your River
we will see You
not us
we will see You
face to face
and will know You


our groanings will be
in You

You are my River

my favourite things