Thursday, January 10, 2013

my favourite things / a new baby

a new breath given
to this boychild
a name given
to this miracle
two lives entwined in love
God takes their hearts
and makes them one
and born of love
is this gift
of a child

like Mary
of Judea
Beth was great with child
and now Wyatt Robert
lies wrapped
in swaddling cloth
and swaddled in his
mama's arms
and swaddled in his 
daddy's arms
lies peacefully
the circle of love

like Mary
of Judea
every mama ponders
the miracles of birth
traces over the lines of her child
with her fingers
soft as the petals of a rose
this skin that holds
this new life
this boychild
all joy and mischief
endless energy
and fun
growing by God's grace
wrapped within
this soft skin
embraced by a
mama heart

Like every father
their gaze amazed
this daddy watches
while this sleeping bundle
lies supported by his strength
shaping to his arm
resting against his daddy heart
learning already
to trust and believe
in this strong one
with a kind
and gentle

And here rests Gramma
watching the miracle all over again
as the ones which passed
years ago
her heart rejoicing

to witness
their joy

they might tire of hearing 'their' stories
'Yes, mom, we know it...'
but truth tell
I could never really ever be finished
the telling of their stories
I have pondered in my heart
each moment

such mercy and grace

to be three times safely delivered
of a new baby
and know this time wrapped in eternity
this caressing rose petal softness
learning each fold and sigh
wanting to be more than this child
will ever need

a gift from God

we carry them
He fashions them
we nurture
and love them
He guides their heart

love gifts from our Father's gracious hand
this joy

Wyatt Robert
a new baby
my favourite things