Tuesday, October 9, 2012

my favourite things/ Birthdays

Bethany's Stephen is celebrated today
a whole 26 years old
Bethany has been 26 since February

Stephen said with a grin
he would always be younger

Bethany has been excited for weeks now
and today with table all set
and gifts wrapped
and flowers and Autumn leaves circling his plate
a hearty breakfast prepared
cake baked
(by the two of them and all the giggles and hugs you could imagine)
and frosted
(whipping cream and icing sugar and cocoa)


What a fun celebration
it was!

for me it is the smiles
and the giving
the sharing
and the knowing
that just maybe they will know they are special
they will know they are loved

a candle of life
blown easily
(no girlfriends)
singing happy birthday
for the second time
because the first time was without the cake

for the van Dijks
a birthday is a wonderful day
a 'we will all do all you want day'
a 'your day'
a 'do all you want day'

Stephen chose to wash the dishes
and I couldn't chase him out
like I could yesterday after a Thanksgiving feast
because like the Prince that he is
this is his day to do what he wants

they are off now
to laugh
and walk
and play
Happy kids...

He is a blessing
this new son

I have two now
lucky mom

blessed of the Lord

my favourite things