Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my favourite things/ golden sun -32C

We are in a valley
the winds
arrested in the trees
beyond our land
the sun golden
and warming
though the weatherman
says -32C
and our
confirms -35 C
before the sunrise
this morning

It is my dad's birthday today
He would be 100 years old on this fine and golden day

we spent many a day like this
together through the years

my smile is big
to be so loved
my prayer for each child
as I begin this day

I wait until the sun shows her face
to go out with warm water
and to give out the sweet hay
they won't want to wander
from cuddles warmth
and chewing cuds
until the brightness warms them

This morning it was hats and scarves
wool sweaters and hoodies and over-jacket
hats all velcroed in place
ski pants and muck boots
good to -25C
I've tested them colder
and am always toasty toed

I let the dogs out
from their guarding
the goats all night


they run and scoop up snow
in their mouths
and roll in the fresh powder
then are off to their game of chase
and check the trails
How does an animal
keep warm in these elements
and smile?

just two days ago we skied together
my man and the dogs
with me
our joy full

now it is
back to the home fires
an extra log in the big furnace
snuggle kitty time

and back to drawing
study God's Word
read my friends' wonderful blogs
learn my concert songs/ alto
Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus

true Body
born of the Virgin Mary
Who truly suffered
on the cross for man

Whose pierced side overflowed
with water
and blood
be for us a foretaste
in the test of death

Here's to Song

Kings have riches widely lain
lords have land but then again
we have friends and song no wealth can buy...


I love these days that keep me in
once chores outside are complete
animals content
and all seems well
though the mercury says
... it's cold!

so we play
the animals and I do

then it is in for a warm reprieve

until afternoon
before the warm sun goes down
and we do it all again

God Gift days
my dad's 100th birthday
golden days

my favourite things