Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my favourite things / words of life

a word
in the wind
finding its way
one heart
to heal

sent with hesitation
fear of rejection
of being

love sends it out
love cannot
keep it bound

so it is sent
on angel wings

with the breath of hope
and trust in the One
who holds all our tears
and all our prayers
and knows our longings
and all our fears
and our every dream
that His love
to overflowing

for this is how God gives

six baskets of bread left over

the best wine
after the ordinary was gone

nets too heavy
to hold all the fish

He who fills our cup to overflowing
I will trust Him
He who feeds the multitudes
I will hope in Him
He who calms the storms
I will flee to Him
He who speaks the Word
and demons flee
I will make my refuge in Him
He who could have called 
the host of heaven's angels
I will sit at His feet

He gives
and gives
takes all our shame
and heals from Death's reward

I catch His prayer
in the quiet
of my heart

that we be kept from the evil of the world

that we be made holy by His Truth

that we be made one with
the One
love like the One

Jesus and the Father
and us


and so
I send out
a prayer from my heart
and breathe a sigh
and smile

God hears
and is the giver of life
the healer
the lover
the Holy One

may He send His Word
and heal

Words of Life

my favourite things