Thursday, September 27, 2012

my favourite things/ harvest friends

harvest friends do call me
out to play I go
with golden sun and fallen leaves
I walk these streets of gold
the owl is loud in the valley
the magpies tease from the trees
the goats are trying out two step
with Blue dog and Sam
in the breeze

the bumble bees harvest their nectar
with sunflowers bold on each stem
they dance among all of this brightness
with humsongs of joy on each tongue
I pick my bouquet in their presence
and never a note do we miss
I  hum right along
I learn each new song
all in praise of God's Son
who's redeemed us

these gifts from above
sent from our Father in love
bring us joy
and His peace
ever gracious is He
to be mindful of me
and of all His creation

the cat's in the cradle
the dogs with the goats
my flowers all trimmed and so pretty
my husband eats corn
from our harvest adorned
by God's kindness
and love never failing
the dogs do laze
in the sun's warm haze
with crab apples laced all around them
rose hips
bouquets all ablaze
with God's 'grace'


harvest friends
my favourite things