Monday, August 4, 2014

my favourite things/ to be so loved

I settled in my kids

the boys in their pasture
little girls in theirs
milkers with hay feeders full in theirs

off I went to teach
some little people "kids"
how to swim

natural fish they were

and loved

their wonderful Grandma giving all she is
to fill and make their lives full
it isn't hard for her to give
but comes with tiredness
and grey hairs
and smiles

It was after that I saw him

I looked down the stairs on my way out
He sat with blood dripping
down his legs
his face

He held cloths on his face
pressed tightly
still blood dripping

the lifeguards
were the first aid people
they donned blue gloves
opened first aid kits
knelt before him

he began sobbing

I can help I said
they said no
they had it covered

they only saw his wounds
I saw something more

I came close to him
the guards held up their hands and said no

but he said
let her

he had been sobbing that no one cared
that he had no one that loved him
that yesterday he tried to put a noose around his neck

still they saw only his wounds
his face swollen
God showed me his broken heart

I heard the calling out in his voice
I said there is one who cares
He made you and loves you
you are young and strong
He has a plan for you
to do good

He loves you

Can I pray for you
I asked

I am religious
he said

please pray
he said

his sobbing stopped
his breathing settled
his faith returned

they said they would care for him

he was hungry
they said after they patched him up
they would feed him

my name is Elijah he said

a strong name
my prayer and tears lifted for him

I wondered if there was ever someone who cared for him
like my grandson has
he rests between his parents' hearts
when teething hurts
he knows who cares for him

a strong name

I wonder if he has siblings
to laugh and play with
like my Shoshi's  have

and a grandma who thinks the world of the five

Father God
hold this broken Elijah
in your kind hands
and make him strong in You
that he would know
what it is
to be so loved

my favourite things