Monday, January 23, 2012

my favourite things/ a swing hung from the rafters

I have a memory
and because it has pressed
so dear to my heart
I built a swing for my kids
years ago

it hung from the basement
the swing
the memories

Peter and Wendy
Randy and me
playing for hours
pushing each other
unwinding dizzy and giddy
with childish glee
a bare basement
except for the swing
and all the friendship
a child ever needs

so I wanted a swing
for my kids
and when some would practice piano
the others would swing
in rhythm
or out
but the swing
was still the same

all I have of that family
from way back
before my mom died
and people walk away
and distance separates
is a swing
and all the memories
that sway back and forth
filling my heart
with all the childish glee
and friendship
a child ever needs

one day from heaven's rafters
I will swing with
all of heaven's joy
and all my friends
will be there
and the laughter
will be shared

a swing
hung from
the basement

my favourite things