Thursday, May 10, 2012

my favourite things/ an old English painting

night was calling

still day held on

looking high above me
I saw the sky full as in an old English painting

the clouds
like heavy white cotton balls
were held motionless
in the forever blue
of the twilight hour

after all the winds of the day
blowing me this way and that
in this calm I now felt part
of this landscape

the tall evergreens stood black
against this voluminous sky
like the darkened paint
of the old masters
the colours once alive and vibrant
now lost to night's touch
and somehow redeemed
in the soft hazy glow of a simple barn light
this magic setting the goats' feet
to dancing

this old painting
was alive
and I was captured
in this moment in history
when time has no place
but always is

I was
captured in a
of the Maker's doing
it will be hung on heaven's walls
and signed by the King of kings
and there... where one sees the goats leaping
there ... is an old goat lady
clasping her hands
and dancing along
the soft haze of a barn light
glowing warm across her face
her smile big
her heart

on the swing
in the loft
looking down
in joy

is the

in Heaven's gallery
we will find
we were never alone

His Masterpieces
will astound us

for He said

He would never leave us
nor forsake us

He is in each painting

an old English painting

my favourite things