Thursday, January 19, 2012

my favourite things/ hoarfrost

His breath catches
in the air and as it passes by
it gives life

This morning
bundled like a Joey
in a Kanga's pouch
all fur lined
I venture out

I can't breathe for all the scarves
my breath caught against the coverings
I struggle free and gasp...
the freshness of the air stings pleasant
and I feel revived
I breath gentle and then deep
I like the coolness
-35 C

At the goats I call out
the dogs come first
tails high
smiles bright
Sam amazes me so
how a dog can smile

then the goats unhuddle and I laugh
the hoarfroast is feathertipped along their whole bodies
where the breath from one rested on another
twenty white feathertipped beauties
coming out into the morning brightness


God formed Adam
out of the earth and breathed life into him
I have molded clay and tried to breathe life into it
imagining what it must be like
to have an Abba Father's heart...
to pass life
upon the likeness
of One's Image

I have made snowmen
snow angels
and they are not even 'but dust'
I breathe and they melt
beneath me

but God breathed into his nostrils
and Adam became
a living soul


is a God gift

I feel the breath of God around me
I feel Him fill my lungs
with His breath

There is no life without Him
Those who argue
just try to breathe life into clay
or snow
or yourself

this breath is a God gift
each one

When it is cold we see this invisible breath
settle around us
He reminds us that He is still giving life
He has the power to take the breath away
and power to give it back again

the Life part He always holds
even when the last breath
has been taken and
this life as we know it
is no more
Yet... He holds 'us'
made in His image
redeemed by a Son
who was there when the clay was formed...He formed us
and the first breath was given... He gave it
When God said
Let us make man in our image
male and female...He made us

He was there

In the beginning was the Word
and the Word was with God
and the Word was God

And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters

And the Word became flesh
and dwelt among us

the Breath of God
the Breathgiver

this morning the hoarfrost reminded me of His Breath
surrounding us
filling us
I could touch it
He felt so close
and though it melted
at my touch...

seeing it was just a reminder
that He is always here

Breathe on me
Oh Holy One

His Breath
in the

my favourite things