Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my favourite things/ snownames

I looked for the many Inuit names for snow
and found man has made a game out of these six sided miracles
no two the same

with snowmen
snow forts
snow castles
snowball fights
kings of the castle
downhill skiing
cross country skiing
slippery carpets
snow angels
maple snow sticks
horse drawn sleighs

the Inuit names dance and fall with
a song and I am certain
their children know
all the games
from A~ Z
that snow can bring

Aquilloqqaaq ~ fresh and soggy snow
Dinliltla ~ little balls of snow that cling to husky fur
Akitla ~ snow falling on water
Qali ~ snow collected on trees
Qannialaaq ~ light falling snow
Qanuk ~ snowflake
Pukak ~ dry snow crystals like sugar powder
Qanniq ~ falling snow
Siquoq ~ drifting snow
Katiyana ~ night snow
Akkilokipok ~soft snow
Alluiqqaniq ~ snowdrift on a steep hill, overhanging on top

snow names
could be like
Adam naming all the animals
it could go on a long time

just like there are no two flakes alike
each winter day changes
with light and dark
the wind
the stillness
I have found each winter day new
and each one a miracle
from the Creator's hand
on first glimpse... just snow
but to see it
feel it
touch it
hear it
taste it

snow has a thousand names
a million
no... even more than one can count
each flake new
just as He knows each star by name
and all of ours
He knows these flakes
and how they fall
He sets them one upon the other
builds highwalls
deep blankets
soft coverings

like Inukshuks
stone men leading the way
the piling up of them given as a gift
depending on each other for strength

together in Him we are strong
remove the Solid Rock we stand on
and we fall

like snowflakes
stacked in His beauty
reflecting His light

this morning
on top of last night's
icy ground
God brought a covering
gave just enough warmth
then just enough cold
to stick it fast
so I would not slip

my man's prayer this morning
that I would be safe
as I do my chores

this covering
in prayer
and in a snow gift
has a name

for me
miracle gift...
'His' and 'his', covering for me...
is a good name

before we ask He already sends
we awake to see His goodness

snow names
my favourite things