Tuesday, February 28, 2012

my favourite things/ old moon new moon

a day can change so quickly
I see it best by the night sky

our old moon lay waning
a short time ago
a cresent sliver
emptying itself
then simply gone
I was enjoying God's glory
doing my usual counting
of His endless stars
seeing how far I must count
before my heart
was too full

I never count far
before my praises to Him
replace my 1-2-3's
and they become endless
these praises
to Him

my heart
becomes filled
and with the filling
becomes lighter

not sure how that can be
but it is so

now time has become
tilted in the night sky
the new moon
a cresent glowing
the sliver growing
sits cupped to hold

God's glory

It took me over fifty years
to see the difference in the
old and the new
I somehow feel
like angel dust has enlightened me
given this new joy
to see the difference

perhaps others have known it all along

for me this newness
is a simple joy
and a smile
from the One
who walks with me
and makes the blessing
spill out

I am there to catch it

the old moon
and the new

my favourite things