Thursday, June 30, 2011

my favourite things/birthdays

a birthday
a curious thing

to remember a day so far removed
from today

I wonder if my mother remembers
my bursting forth to greet this world
her walking away
and me

does it hurt her now
did it hurt her then
was her heart ever torn
did it ever mend

'he' wouldn't say my name

I'll keep you
but not her
he'd said

...but God...

on the wings of a dove
He put His love in the hearts of two

they were older
they willingly gave their lives
for three unwanted
three castaways

I once was lost, alone
but now am found

I know this story twice

twice redeemed
twice ransomed
twice purchased for a price


twice a Saviour's love found me
and never let me fall
be crushed
or bruised

an heir of my daddy
an heir of my Abba Father

brought in

this I remember on my birthday

how a baby girl Evans
was given a new name

how Love owned her
and she would never be the same

my favourite things

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

my favourite things/ the holy things of God

out in the cool of the night
under the shelter of His wings
I know His holiness

alone with Him
one with Him
resting in Him alone
He comes and offers
peace and quiet rest

I need no words
my life is an open storybook
He knows by heart
but He shares His joy
His strength
His hope
His Love

with me

little me

out in the cool of the night
while night hawks fly
and the wild things
watch through the dark...

my Saviour bids me come
walk with Him

there is no shame
I need not hide
He knows each beat of my heart
and bids me come
and know His holiness

though days are filled with the groanings of life
burdens bulge
pressures mount
always there is

This is God's holiness

He offers to take our lives
and live His through us
He offers to take our everything
and make it beautiful

This is God's holiness

little me

wrapped in the love of God
a ribbon of Grace to hold me in

and all the while to know
the holy things of God

my favourite things

Friday, June 17, 2011

my favourite things/emerald sea green in the night sky

At 11 PM
where the morning sun
begins her journey
at the crest of the poplars in the eastern sky...
lay the moon

It lay bathed in a sea of emerald green
and shone with intense brilliance
yellow and on fire

I almost mistook it
for another

Its fullness and light like the Source

but never had I seen it bathed in an emerald sea
laced in a glowing clear brightness
that pierced me clear through
I watched as in a trance
I couldn't move my feet
I didn't want to lose this moment
I watched and waited
I sighed
I groaned
for the beauty

time moves on
I had chores pulling me away
my back to this glory
I walked away

away yet filled

and later
on my trek home

I set down my bucket of milk
warm and foaming
almost spilling in its fullness
like the moon
which lay heavy
caught now in a web of the poplars

I could still see its glory
laced in this web that held it

three days ago it would have been hidden
by Spring's budding
the poplars clothed in their new garments
fresh greenness
thick and lush
a warm cloak
a shield from the sun's hot gaze

but today...

I had felt some sorrow
when the tent caterpillars arrived
I saw them first on the gate post
then saw the tree tops bare
could hear the sound
of their appetites
the steady soft crunch
If I closed my eyes
it was like the contented
grazing of our horses
while on pasture
and I thought how all creatures
must live or die

how all of creation groans and travails in pain
together until now
awaiting the adoption

that is...
the redemption of our bodies

and because these tent caterpillars live today
I can see the moon cupped in the poplar's web
and so I remember that we are held in the Master's hands
and if we live or die
He holds us
I breathe deeply and groan
for the fragrance
the beauty...
this life...

He holds me in an emerald sea
bathed in the moon's glow

He holds me

my favourite things

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my favourite things/after the rain

we heard the song of the rain

all night it lulled us to sleep
a calming peaceful presence
knowing God was bringing freshness
to a dry land
while we

Bethany called ahead of me
in the early hours
and into the rain we went
goats to milk
horses to put on pasture

paddocks to clean

overnight God sprouted my garden seeds
the little shoots singing a happy song
with the morning

Bethany and I had a song in our heart

then dripping wet
came home
a nice hearth fire to warm us
a hot milk to remove the chill
mocha cheesecake
and a book

then out again
on the horse trail
a new one cut fresh
these past days

the horses glad for the adventure
the dogs

more rain
those sweet showers of blessings

then sun
glorious sun

the heavens jeweled in sparkling clouds

the earth radiantly vibrant
after the rain

an epiphany of new life
new colours
new beginnings

is this the feeling
one has as they enter heaven
the soul raptured
the senses awakened...

To see as one has never seen
to find a melody in the air that gives flight
like the eagles'
where 'breath' is of another world
and you know 'His' presence

though He is there all along
I feel dim witted at times
and it takes the beauty 'after the rain'
to refresh
my memory

to rekindle the  flame within me
and remind me
I walk where angels walk
and Jesus is the One

He sets my heart to dancing

after the rains

my favourite things

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my favourite things/ half moon overflowing

it is now early morning
the moon has settled somewhere

I am not just sure where
but I am certain it is because
of the overflowing

when I first found it tonight
I had to gasp at the surprise

there was my friend
settled brightly above my field
some would call it half full
or half empty
but I caught
the gift as it fell

giggles that couldn't be muffled
glory that would not fade
for the brightness it held

a vessel only
like us
filled with bright glory
not its own

It was a Northern Summer night
where the night melts into day
where the blue sky never really leaves
nor the yellow glow
on the eastern horizon
though the stars shine
and the cool freshness
refreshes the land
and wet dew
the thirsty earth

I sang to my Abba Father
in praise for His beauty
His faithfulness

I lifted all my beloveds
into His gentle care
my Tommys and little Tendais
all the Nicholases
the ones still with us
those gone on before
the dreamers and the hopers

and those who dare not dream at all

and then the moon was just gone

I had given hay
put down clean bedding
settled all in for the night
then on the walk home
found my friend was just not there

I seriously looked all around the night sky
but it was the overflowing

I know the rest that is found
in the overflowing

when Jesus fed the five thousand
when the nets were put on the other side of the boat
when Lazarus walked out of the tomb
when the ten lepers were sent on their way

always rejoicing
the stress gone
fears subsided
peace renewed

so I caught the laughter
and Saphira wagged her tail with me
we danced with the frogs all the way home
stopped to hold one
and giggled to find it loved the warmth of my hand
and didn't mind Saphira's inquisitive nose

we talked to them all

sang a joyous song
to the Maker of the night
Who melts it into day
and sends the overflowing...

if we just lift our gaze

one might just catch
the half moon

my favourite things

Thursday, June 2, 2011

my favourite things/ the rain is falling

the rain is falling
fresh and light
a steady pattering on our tin roof
the fresh wet fragrance
my face upturned
to catch its falling glory

we have been waiting
for rain

the winter blanket
unlocked from the earth
set free to fill the valleys
and fall to the great ocean floors
to bring refreshment

and now
the seeds are in
the ground soft around them
the manured earth warmed
by Spring's sun rays
and sure to wake all
from winter's long sleep

the white and rose blossoms
fill my senses
there is no room to breathe more deeply
no room to hold the symphony of all the wind's rustlings
through Earth's wedding garments
fragrant with Love's scent
so full
one must

I keep saying...
smell this!
It is too much to keep to one's self
and so you hear everyone saying...
Come smell!

And ...Look!
everyone saying....
Come look!

and while we awaken and expect winter's silence...
instead there is
this Song
in praise

to the One

Who is worthy

Who loves His own
and calls us by name

Before we were formed in our Mother's womb
He knew us
and planted in us ... Seeds
to love the rising sun
the sunsets
the running of a hundred wild horses
and the strength of one's youth
He knew our frame
that we were but clay
yet fashioned in His image


in His mind's eye
so worth redeeming
that we might share
the fruit of
The Seed... planted

The rain is falling
the soil is ready
I will pray for the blessing of the Shower
and thank Him for the showers of blessings

the rain is falling

my favourite things