Monday, February 20, 2012

my favourite things/ I'll walk with Him

seven days
have our weeks
and we could keep going endlessly
but the Maker knew better
and designed a refueling day
a refresher day
a joy day
a worship day
a restive day
a festive day
a celebrating day
a family day
a Holyday
a holiday
a Sabbath day

I believe His hopes were
that we would desire Him on this day

I am not sure
but I think that most would agree
that friendship
real friendship goes deep both ways
or we would walk away

I wonder how God can just keep on giving
the sunsets
the sunrises
the raindrops glistening 
in the early morning sun
the light and fall of shadows
moon rays
across a snowy field
through a forest glade
stars cast across the heavens
Northern Lights stretched out
dancing through the night
a new born babe
cradled in the arms
or a lover
to hold
birds in flight
all too marvelous to behold
a song in our heart
a healing from hurt
a thought of creativity
a walk or a run
to be able to do either
to see or hear
or even just touch
to taste a miriad of wondrous food
to gain health
and strength
to find healing
wrapped in prayer
peace through our infirmities
joy in a smile
truth in a hug
faith and hope
in His Word

He doesn't ever just walk away
and on this Holyday
I pray I would
not either

I want to see His face
when He finds
I notice His Love Gifts
I want to see His face
when He finds me
in the garden

I come
to walk

I want to see His face
when He knows
I desire Him
above all

His rest day
a gift for me
I will
be refreshed
in Him

I'll walk
with Him

my favourite things