Tuesday, June 18, 2013

my favourite things/ way after the storm

we were wet
through and through
through to the bone
sopping wet

this explains most days lately
out on the farm
caught in the forest
pulling out trees
at the millsite
milking goats
washing logs
goat herding
peeling logs
dropping hay
just walking
tilling the garden

there had been thunder
each day
and the downfalls
dogs and cats they say
more like elephants

here I was
walking across
the grass pasture
to put a halter on Celina
who was waiting at her gate
my feet making funny squish sqweak sounds
my crocks you know
the ones that let the water in
the ones with holes
my socks were collected at the toes

I hadn't noticed the amazing warmth on my back until just that moment
nor had I noticed the brilliance of the green all around me
nor had I heard the glory song of the sparrows and robins

until that moment

it was overload of all these great things...
that took my thoughts off the storm
a storm which had passed without my noticing

Though I was wet to the core
I was suddenly steaming
and the warmth felt like a God hug
and the song He was singing to me
was like a heaven lullaby
sent down by a dove

There was no place so beautiful as that spot of grass
on which I stood
In all the world
there was no place
I would rather have been

I stopped to embrace this gift
and then laughing
brought out my beautiful mare
we jogged lightly across the field
she felt it too

this feeling good

way after the storm

my favourite things