Tuesday, June 25, 2013

my favourite things/ fireflies in the night

we had a cooling rain

the garden happy
seeds sprouting
my heart singing

all was quiet walking home
two full milk buckets
in hand
Sam and Blue dogs quiet
the goats settled in and quiet
the horses sheltered and fed
the song of the robins silent
while they sleep
yesterdays showing off their young
all done
fledgling celebration
young sheltered and settled for the night
the hoot owls quiet
the train quiet
the coyotes and wolves silent

the cloud cover was embracing
a deep breath
arms stretched to the heavens
another breath
long and slow
prayers lifted to the Keeper
my heart quieted

in the damp thickness of the air
there just wasn't a lot to see
night settled snug around me
~when there it was
the dance of the fireflies had begun
little sparks in the night

they celebrate the King
and His keeping us well
though the storms rage around us
He is there to bring us through it
and like the little fireflies
He shines His light for us to see
He leads the way
out of the storm
and always

some go early

the dance of the

fireflies in the night

my favourite things