Saturday, June 16, 2012

my favourite things/ sweet little baby

sweet little baby
now don't you cry
mama's gonna sing you
a lullaby

some say they just eat and sleep
and poop and pee

but I looked deep into her eyes
on day two
after she smiled twice
before she turned
and held her gaze elsewhere

that one look
opened up her soul to me
and she saw deep into mine
she let me in
for just a short moment
when I wasn't expecting it to happen
and now I will never forget

It is like
I know a part of her

she knows a part of me

we understand
something of each other

and I can't get this love
for her

last night she went back to her mama to be
and I cried

my three days to just help out
had been filled with her presence
and now she is gone
I see her beauty
gaze out
through dark eyes
and sparking
searching for One
to really trust
while others
walk away

she carries something
to everyone
in her smile
something that broke me
told me to watch her grow
like a
scattered in a field
where the afternoon sun
lays golden and warm
while Sonbeams
watch over her

I want to see her bloom

I have this picture
in my heart

a hand reaching out
from a soft blanket

almost trusting

a ransomed one
reaching out for something
for Someone

one day
yes, one day

she will find out
she is so treasured
and we will make paper airplanes
and throw our dreams to the wind
trusting the Dreamgiver
to open little hearts
and make them
big for Him

a hand reaching out

sweet little baby

my favourite things