Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my favourite things/how do you colour joy

Today it is blends 
of soft greens turning golden 
pink reds 
and oranges 
blending in a dance called 'splendor'
as leaves twirl 
and pirouette 
to the forest floor 

It is greens 
bleached into whites 
set bold 
against the mottling of tree bark 
fallen cones 
squirrel treasure cashes...
How does one colour joy?

it is the colour of my Saviour's love
spilled out for me 
long ago
on that Calvary hill

and now spread daily

like a feast
before my eyes

wherever I look 
I see its colours
my heart takes in
this amazing palette

make my life a canvas

Oh Lord

open my eyes 
to see your colours
guide my brush
to make a masterpiece

that my life
might show forth
Your glory


How do I colour joy

my favourite things