Saturday, December 31, 2011

my favourite things/the last of the old year

the last of the old year
is sliding away
like children
at play in snow
from one hill
to another

all good
this old year
with lessons learned
friendships forged
memories stored
laughter shared
tears shed
healing found

all good
this old year

God's brightness
given for each day
to lead us on
and give us hope
along our way

shared blessings
work and holidays

always time
to praise
God's Son
who made all this
for our delight
our fun

and labour too
with smiles be fought
for it's a gift
this strength
from  God

time for play
and adventure
we always find

 I'm thankful for my man
 the beauty of the land

 I'm thankful for my son
 the puppies
my goats...
so much to be thankful for
old year you have been kind
and dear

God's helped us brave each unknown day

 given grace along our way

You've set a peace within our lives

 led us on our way
 given rest
brought us joy
 and by your Word You have settled our hearts our minds and souls
to know that wherever 2012 will lead
it is a gift from Your dear hand

I pray our lives would honour You
and to the least of all we meet
that we might bless
as if it's Thee

so we look to the new

and I thank you Lord
for the last of the old year

my favourite things