Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my favourite things/ a tender heart

baby Ema is going home

home to four bubbly sisters
a joyous mom
and a dad

I know David

I know his tender heart
not like God does
I know it

It didn't surprise me
to hear Molly's words
but it made me proud
and I am not his mom

I have watched David grow
I watched him wax strong
in body
and in spirit
but always tender

so Molly's words
brought glad tears from my heart

five little girls
and a mama
and a papa

will wax strong
in body
and in spirit

a family of seven
a quiver full
or filling
as God wishes

a joyous quiver
hearts set on Thanksgiving
even in the not so easy
because they know
the Giver of good gifts

the Giver of each breath

the Giver of today

God loves
a tender heart

my favourite things