Saturday, June 16, 2012

my favourite things/ sweet little baby

sweet little baby
now don't you cry
mama's gonna sing you
a lullaby

some say they just eat and sleep
and poop and pee

but I looked deep into her eyes
on day two
after she smiled twice
before she turned
and held her gaze elsewhere

that one look
opened up her soul to me
and she saw deep into mine
she let me in
for just a short moment
when I wasn't expecting it to happen
and now I will never forget

It is like
I know a part of her

she knows a part of me

we understand
something of each other

and I can't get this love
for her

last night she went back to her mama to be
and I cried

my three days to just help out
had been filled with her presence
and now she is gone
I see her beauty
gaze out
through dark eyes
and sparking
searching for One
to really trust
while others
walk away

she carries something
to everyone
in her smile
something that broke me
told me to watch her grow
like a
scattered in a field
where the afternoon sun
lays golden and warm
while Sonbeams
watch over her

I want to see her bloom

I have this picture
in my heart

a hand reaching out
from a soft blanket

almost trusting

a ransomed one
reaching out for something
for Someone

one day
yes, one day

she will find out
she is so treasured
and we will make paper airplanes
and throw our dreams to the wind
trusting the Dreamgiver
to open little hearts
and make them
big for Him

a hand reaching out

sweet little baby

my favourite things

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

my favourite things/ kiddies and babies

they just popped out
the morning sun warm
the breeze fresh
the children putting out the horses to pasture
a baby wrapped cozy in my arms
a three day visit gift
from a friend
my heart full

they just popped out
these two like their mama
one boy
one girl
him bigger
preparing the way
for her to follow
a mature mom
calm in her way
no fear
nuzzling me
letting the hounds
sniff and bond
contented baa sounds
filling the morning air
as she talks and they listen and baby baa back
already they suckle and stand wobbly
then strong and find the warmth of fresh colostrum
pure milk

This little baby too
a ransomed little one
known by the Father before we ever dreamed of her
now safe in the embrace
of a community
a mother
and two brothers
and all our love

This village will raise her
because we hold as one together
loving the forgotten
protecting the weak
her birth weight of a few pounds
now grown to eight
her mind clear
her body sound
we her family...

they just popped out
these two baas

yesterday God had me prepare
the birthing stall

He knew

I obeyed

and today
such happy little being alive sounds
these little lives wrapped five months
in hiding
now known
and treasured

this little girl
eyes bright
gooing such delightful alive sounds

these songs
of new birth

so sweet

kiddies and babies
my favourite things

Monday, June 11, 2012

my favourite things/ our kids home again

they all left
like baby robins
finally taking the leap
flight feathers not all quite there
but spring in the legs
and a youthful bounceback
to the bumps and falls of life

they survived
and with their first true flights
they spread those wings
and delighted
in life out of the nest
blue skies
hard work
new insights
faith tested

it God's grace
prove strong
and life giving
and the only response
in a world
by wolves

we keep the home fires burning

love held

prayers lifted
for years invested
to see our fledglings
choose a walk
with the King of kings

for grace
to wait for the tapestries
to be complete
offering through the working
threads of love and God's Word
hope with faith
believing the One who only does good
believing in the One who calls
believing in the One who guides the heart of a King
how much more the heart of a beloved child

O how I love
when these kids come home

they are grown now
all three
all following their hearts
one a mama to orphans
one a mama in the growing
one a young man delighting in the strength of his youth
all  seeing the workings of God's marvelous world
and what life has taught them
all three different
yet the same
with their yearnings
their desirings
their hopes

us waiting to see how God will unfold their days
encourage them through the difficult
strengthen them through the storms
delight them through His beautiful gifts
teach them through His life
poured out
His Word given
His Spirit given

us waiting to see
what these kids take up
to help and guide them on their way

remembering our hope in our youth
our dreams in the beginning
our swaying with the storms of our doing
our falling on our knees
before the One
because there was no other
to give joy
or be our help

Our kids come home
and we delight to see their joy
we pray through their struggles
we know that there is a Father
a beloved Abba Father
that also watches over them with joy
who delights in His children
and guides them
on their way

I am blessed to be on the sidelines
praying and watching

we keep the home fires burning

love held
our kids home again

my favourite things

Saturday, June 2, 2012

my favourite things/ He gives us quiet rest

"Finally, as day was closing and the stars of the heavenlies lined up next to a slightly-golden 3/4 moon in a navy sky... "
http://these are words penned by my friend Dawn over at
she is watching the same moon
the same night sky
from a long ways off

I felt right at her side
these delightful nights
when day touches evening
and it never quite gets dark here...
perhaps there...
with her 'navy skies'

of a sudden
the sun that just set in the west
will rise again in the east
in just three hours
until then the
quiet darkness hides herself
in a brilliant ceiling
navy clouds
cast lightly
across the eastern sky
rain taken to the mountains
passing us by

I came out at 8:30
and fell into bed at midnight
the hours inbetween
hidden in the night watch
talking to each horse
cleaning paddocks
milking goats
herding them across the evening fields
as long as they heard my voice calling across the pasture
they were settled

Blue dog doing her task
with zeal
Sam resting
his work done

the colours lay rich and warm
in the final hours of day
when one works
the slightly golden moon
bigger than half size
coming up with the night
the sky still bright yellow
the navy clouds still drifting
in the eastern sky

the robins
could not quit their song
it lilted sweet and melodic
from the forest branches
high up
floating with the night air
the flickers' call staccatoing
the echo joyous
and clear
pure sound
electrifying the night
I lay captive
in its lair
spell bound

leaving... not an option
in the beauty
of this darkening hour

"Even the darkness is Light to Him"

my goats call out
the birds now quiet
the train calling
Good Night
as its soft rumble
far off
in the distance

I finally go home
down the long driveway
up our hill

above me the Big Dipper
tips out her blessings
angel dust
all about me
I take this quiet rest
and close the door behind me
my steps soft

I lay me down to sleep

I know my soul
the Lord
will keep

He neither slumbers
nor sleeps

the Lord
my Keeper
through the closing of day
and through the night

across the land and sea
and here with me

He gives us quiet rest

my favourite things

Friday, June 1, 2012

my favourite things/ Your love O Lord endures forever

Your love O Lord endures forever
What shall separate us from the love of Christ
I am holding tight
I dare not let go
what is there in this world
to give hope
when there is death
What is there to give hope
when there is failure
when sickness
and despair
and sink one down
to the depths

and then these words

For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
(Romans 8:38,39)

There is hope
marvelous hope
a never dying hope
an unquenchable flame
getting rid of the dross
the imperfections that we don't need
His grace is not hurtful
We will not be separated from "Him" 
In a little while
we shall all be changed

I once saw my life go by me 
all my days in an instant
a twinkling 

Jesus was at my side 

He did not condemn
He did not judge

He did not point to my sin
I stood with Him ... and saw my life

there was no sorrow in watching

He said I just wanted you to see
that I was always with you

I am always with you

I want you to know that
nothing will ever change that

I was fifteen

crashed with a snowmobile
broken but not crushed

in an instant He taught me all I ever needed to know
He will never leave me
I will never be alone
I will always be loved
I may be broken but never crushed
nothing will separate me from His love

not ever
not sadness
not death 


It will all pass
Your Love O Lord endures forever 

and in this embrace 
in which You hold me
I will always be safe 

the love of God

my favourite things