Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my favourite things/ half moon overflowing

it is now early morning
the moon has settled somewhere

I am not just sure where
but I am certain it is because
of the overflowing

when I first found it tonight
I had to gasp at the surprise

there was my friend
settled brightly above my field
some would call it half full
or half empty
but I caught
the gift as it fell

giggles that couldn't be muffled
glory that would not fade
for the brightness it held

a vessel only
like us
filled with bright glory
not its own

It was a Northern Summer night
where the night melts into day
where the blue sky never really leaves
nor the yellow glow
on the eastern horizon
though the stars shine
and the cool freshness
refreshes the land
and wet dew
the thirsty earth

I sang to my Abba Father
in praise for His beauty
His faithfulness

I lifted all my beloveds
into His gentle care
my Tommys and little Tendais
all the Nicholases
the ones still with us
those gone on before
the dreamers and the hopers

and those who dare not dream at all

and then the moon was just gone

I had given hay
put down clean bedding
settled all in for the night
then on the walk home
found my friend was just not there

I seriously looked all around the night sky
but it was the overflowing

I know the rest that is found
in the overflowing

when Jesus fed the five thousand
when the nets were put on the other side of the boat
when Lazarus walked out of the tomb
when the ten lepers were sent on their way

always rejoicing
the stress gone
fears subsided
peace renewed

so I caught the laughter
and Saphira wagged her tail with me
we danced with the frogs all the way home
stopped to hold one
and giggled to find it loved the warmth of my hand
and didn't mind Saphira's inquisitive nose

we talked to them all

sang a joyous song
to the Maker of the night
Who melts it into day
and sends the overflowing...

if we just lift our gaze

one might just catch
the half moon

my favourite things