Sunday, October 3, 2010

Autumn/ my favourite things


her name was fresh
on the morning dew

we saw her
coming ...
in our hurry
to be gone

but for her
the morning
was lazy

so we waited

in God's time
she showed herself
wiggling with joyous anticipation
for the warmth
of her mother's milk
for the exhilaration
of stretching out her long legs

a gentle beauty
like laced frost in the early mornings
of golden leaves
against blue skies

she arrived

while in the womb
God knew her
in the secret place
He formed her

five months
we waited
through the long
hot summer
we dreamed

and now
at summer's end

she came

we held her
loved her


in her quiet beauty

Bethany called her...


my favourite things


  1. I am so happy that you are sharing His love at last through this medium to the world...I told Shell we must get you published!!! Forever Love, LD

  2. LD... it didn't surprise me to see you here before the others! At first I thought it might be Shelley... or Bethany...or Thea, but of course, it is always you my friend... I wish you God's glorious fellowship today in all you do... love from the fisherlady :)

  3. Hi Susan,

    What a good idea to put your lovely poetry on a blog for all to enjoy! Love you and thank you for everything you do for TLC!


  4. Tianna is coming this week to be with Shoshanna and to come in as a day volunteer with you all at TLC until mid December and Bethany is also coming in November to help. They are sooo excited! Hope the babies are well... I traded Chantarelle mushrooms today for donations for you all... groceries coming the week after the 16th. I hope everybody can check you out at

  5. Beautiful! I enjoy God's creation, but my heart cannot express the beauty nearly like yours can. I see more through your eyes. Thanks!