Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the journey/my favourite things

we wake
we sleep

and then there is the inbetween

the journey

we all journey differently

and occasionally we see the same things
or feel the same outbursts of inexplicable joy
over the most ordinary

moved to tears we may feel one
with those who have tasted with us
seen our dreams
felt the same joys or sorrows
felt the same closeness
to a part of humanity
or touched the same soil
or seen the same glory
or held the same child
or another

felt the same love

the outgoing of love

the coming in

given freely

washing each other's feet

with the homeless
the sojourner
the fatherless
the widow
the orphan
a friend
a loved one

the journey is richest
when we touch another
from the heart
heartstrings singing
with undiluted heart love
a God love
that always believes
always hopes
always endures
always goes on
and on

touches the forgotten
the lost
the needy
the hurt
the abandoned
the sick
the weary

laughs with those that laugh

weeps with those that weep

takes joy in the giving

sees the face of Jesus
in every life

along life's journey

they will rise up with wings as eagles
they shall run and not be weary

they shall walk and not faint

in this is inexplicable joy

the journey
my favourite things

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