Saturday, April 2, 2011

my favourite things/ Spring thaw


roof's snow gathered
through the North's long winters
six months

for earth's safety net

released to find Spring's many rivlets
her creeks
raging rivers
her endless oceans
a joyous journey
the coming of new life

the Spirit awakening
in the old and dead
the Spirit refreshing
in the life laid down

the rest complete

the Spirit breathing


the rebirth of earth's sleeping creation

on wing

in the nest

on the hearth

in the heart

"from the tomb"

catalysts of new joy

Easter rebirth

always the dying
before the resurrection
the crown of thorns
before the crown of glory

after three days
He said he would rebuild 'This' temple

hope never dies


my hope of glory


winter of my life

the lovely
and incessant
dripping of the thaw

to bring ~the rebirth
to manifest ~the born again
the seeds shooting forth ~to bear fruit

the blessing for many

Grace complete

His Spirit
Spring thaw

my favourite things


Spring thaw
my favourite things


  1. Thanks for your condolences. They mean so much. I'm making crockpot lasagna for family tonight. They're shopping for funeral attire as I type.

    I love the photography and the lines that accompany the pictures in this post. We have a place called Larry's Creek near our church where it winds through the snow like that. I also liked the snow/ice slipping off the roof, wavelike. It reminded me of the water wave pictures I've seen. Ann Voskamp wrote once about water knowing what it was. That no matter what state it was in solid, liquid or gas it moved in waves in ebbs and flows. Your picture is evidence of that.

    Thanks for traveling along with me,

  2. water is so healing for me... if there is no ocean or creek even a walk in the rain will the smell of the snow evaporating reminded me of ocean walks...something about water touching me, even just the sound of its moving stirs me... we shall be like a tree, planted by the waters, knowing His presence...
    Your mom sounded lovely. My husband is that kind of a teacher, that all the kids love him. Your words made me smile to hear of another lovely soul out there for so many years making a difference in each little life...Blessings my friend

  3. "after three days He said he would rebuild 'This' temple"

    Oh how I love this line. Thank you for sharing!

    God bless!

    P.S. I deleted my last post by mistake. It was the same as this though. :)

  4. Poetry and pictures - a feast for heart and eye. It flowed like the little melting driplets that form a spring. And I heart how it all hinted - and then didn't hint - "Spring - the rebirth of earth's sleeping creation" and then suddenly - three days in the tomb - I loved that!!I’m really glad I got a chance to come by today. I always heart your stuff.

    Thank you for this. God bless and keep you and all of yours.

  5. Love, love, love these wonderful pictures and words, dear fisher lady. :-) That snow sliding off the roof is such a lovely picture of old things passing away, all things becoming new. Just love it. :-)

  6. thank you Craig and Ivy... am blessed to know you were here

  7. my Rambling Tart... glad you could visit... love your travels and the sharing of your heart

  8. Your photos of the snow slowly sliding off the roof are amazing. I had no idea snow did this. We don't have snow where I live.

  9. Dear Pieces of Sunshine... I will joyously share some of ours... it will soon be here again