Thursday, November 17, 2011

my favourite things/ His wind

His wind blows where He wills

I stand alone
catching God
my arms flung wide
my  heart open like a book
prologue written
only He knows

and I read...

His Word is stretched across each page
a friend to me
along my way

fear not
I am with you always

cast your cares upon Me
for I care for you

delight yourself also in Me
and I will give you the desires of your heart

You believe in God
believe also in ME (Jesus, sweet Jesus)

just faith as a mustard seed

honour your Father and Mother
that it may be well with you

rejoice always

in everything give thanks

my Grace is sufficient for you

I read on
and on

desiring nothing more than to be like Him

my pages are filled with Him
He is all I see

in Him is Life
and that


He keeps His own
under the shadow of His wing


my life
His wind
His word
His book

my favourite things


  1. Beautiful, Susan . . . I am feeling tucked up under His wing right now. Not much energy to blog hop or comment . . . just resting.

  2. Dear Susan,

    Ah, these days of hospital work tire me so that I miss all your beautiful words. These I especially loved here
    His Word is stretched across each page
    a friend to me
    along my way
    And so His Word is, but I never thought of it quite in that way. Hmmmmm
    I'll never hold my Bible in the same way again and I will give it hugs from time to time. I think this idea could make a whole post....

    This cyberspace connection is electric. I gain so much knowing you. I think you are iron sharpening iron, Dear Friend,