Saturday, January 28, 2012

my favourite things/prayers on angel wings lifted

I sat on top of our hill
on one long toboggan
seven 30 litre
buckets of hot water
under me
and a long stretch
before me
to the barn

I pushed down for a good start
and yeehawed
as I made it around the first bend
I zipped past the snow covered vegetable garden
past the garden fence
hit no snow banks
and came to a gentle stop
some hundred metres
from my first water drop off

pulling all this water is a gym workout in itself
but saves me the real journey to town
my burden heavy but honest
my strength weary but determined
I begin to pass buckets
along the farm circuit
animal friends all pleased

My toboggan still full
my burden yet heavy
I am hot and flushed
I let go
and fall with abandon
into a deep snowbank
stretched out
this bed luxurious
like a memory foam

listless...I give it all up
I have no desire to move
but just feel the cool seep into my flesh
it feels so very good

this burden I bear is not mostly water
nor is it the distance to the barns

I hold a prayer in my bosom
that I have lifted a thousand times
in just two weeks to God's throne of grace
my heart crushed and aching
I lift and lift and it keeps pouring from my bosom
a prayer unending so weighted with the tears of so many
and as I lay so heavy and tired in that snowbank
I muster all the strength I can find
I make angel wings
I offer praises
to the One who is able

and then it happens

my burden is lifted ... on angel wings

my dogs come romping over
they cover me in sloppy kisses
and doggy smiles
snow splaying everywhere
but my snow angel
with wings lifted high
stays strong
and I feel my burden lifted

the rest of the water goes easily now
toboggan empty
I head home to rest
and give thanks
I know He holds the prayers of my heart
of three little kiddies
and a husband
of an entire family
and all their loved ones
for their dear
dear child of a King
a King's kid
fully loved
and ransomed

a prayer of healing lifted

all around
prayers lifted
by so many

on angel wings

my favourite things


  1. I love your kind and gentle heart, Susan.

    1. we will hurt and believe together my Rambling Tart...

  2. The most beautiful thing about this Susan, is that these are not just some fanciful words artistically arranged by a writer gifted with great imagination . . . it is who you are, it is how you live, it is Who you know and what He does. My prayers mingle with yours for Danielle and her family.

    1. we are far apart but so close...
      love you Andrea Dawn

  3. Dear Susan,

    Andrea Dawn knows you in real life. I only through cyberspace and I hold your artwork in my hands...that is as close as I come. I know she is correct, however, because even long-distance I. know. you.

    I substituted my situation and Andrea Dawn's and hundreds of others into your post, too, because I know you carry us all in your heart and I am blessed.

    I could feel the bed luxurious like memory foam Big Smile!
    And the dogs' "sloppy kisses"!

    Going to God's house,

    1. Dawn... you do know my heart... I did put you all in place as well... I did and you knew that... before we even ask ... God knows... His children... they know!
      He goes before us into the dark places and makes a way through for us... I will hold His hand and trust Him today.