Monday, May 14, 2012

my favourite things/ Mother's Day

it is a glad saying for those who hold the joy
deep in their bosom

for those with sorrow
it stings as an arrow pierced through

my heart aches
but more it is glad

I have these amazing kids
who show up on early mornings
flowers gracing their flight up the stairs
where I pour my love into body food for all
while they bring soul food for me
to encourage
and lighten
my heart

I float

the joy holds me
like a million helium balloons
I rejoice high above my worries
and cares
a song bubbles
from this fullness
and  a precious son smiles
at a silly mama's tears

he knows I loved
his gift

he knows
it was perfect

as it sits out with hummingbirds
already drunk on its nectar
they do a foxtrot between the hanging basket
of this glorious fushcia
and the hanging bottle of their sugary water
the dance goes on all day
and the buzz of joy
lightens our hearts

a papa breakfast
a hike with dad and son
a call from South Africa
on Skype
a call from Alberta
two delightful daughters
mother hearts of their own

love you notes and calls from heart kids
lent to me for this season
also forever loved
in my mama heart
our souls all glad
our spirits soaring

because somewhere
at sometime
we have all had a mom

even if we are not a mom

sometime in our lives
a mom has blessed us

so sorrow can be joy
most days!
this day!

Mother's Day
one of
my favourite things

and kitty sleeping with my man

my favourite things


  1. Oh here I am just blubbering away-gotta get a kleenex...beautiful as always-your poem I mean...

    1. you are such a sweet bud Debra... blessings your way dear friend

  2. I am so thankful to be a mom. I got a plant identical to it :)

  3. My sister's favorite holiday is Mother's Day. She has 5 kids and they all adore her. She is blessed. Your children rise up and call you "blessed," too. It is a most wonderful position, but, as you allude to, but not belabor, it can also be a most heart-wrenching day, too. For those whose hearts are broken on Mother's Day, I pray. For those whose hearts are light and who are rejoicing, I rejoice.

    Hugs as you continue to enjoy your hanging basket and God-provided humming birds,

    1. so I would love to meet your sister too! Rejoicing and praying with you my friend. We had snow again this morning! now sun, then rain... and cool +1 C... covered up these dear flowers but the hummers keep coming by to drink :)
      Ladies' Tea Day today !

  4. I'm blubbering with Debra! Such beauty in this, and I could just feel you lifted up with the helium filled balloons! Sometimes, I envy those who are Moms and have these special days to bask in the love and appreciation. It's strange, but as a child, I don't ever remember missing my Mom after she died. It has been since I've grown older and realized that I'm not as smart as I thought I was that I've wished she were around, that I could have learned from her wisdom and found out how she would have done things. Love your pictures, the beautiful plant, the hummingbirds, the feeder. . . . all joy bringers!!!

    1. How often it is we think of all that we could glean from someone after they are gone...Heaven will be an eternity to glean together from the 'One'. No more sorrow there :)

      I had a woodpecker hit my window yesterday and uprighting him he was fine. I put him in the middle of this beautiful plant and after resting with the hummers drinking around him for awhile he flew away well. All these little friends get into our hearts and I hate to see them hurt. And to think our Father's heart is even bigger than that...such grace He bestows on us.
      hugs your way Cora. a big squishy hug full of Northern comfort...

  5. God has gifted you with beautiful words that flow deep from your heart - in this post, your "mama heart"! Thanks for being willing to share them!

    1. a mama's heart would understand... blessings and, thank you Glenda