Sunday, May 27, 2012

my favourite things/ Pentecost & May 29th

we celebrate twice

twice every year

and this year marks 35 years
that my man and I have walked this dear earth
hand in hand
with the One
Who has glued our hearts as one
though we be different
Who has given us peace after every war
words when no words could be found
no words when just being together was enough
Who has given us laughter
and a shared vision
though sometimes we have to share
how we see it
and wait
for eyes to focus
and hearts to soften
and kindness to flow

and a believing

pressing on
though sometimes we have to
find each other

sometimes love is close to hate
then back again and we wonder how it could ever have tipped so crazy
when 'together' is so much better

it is walking trails
through all seasons
watching babies become young people
with love all their own
dreams all their own
and adventures
all their own
unfolding for them
as we remember them
beginning with us

and we smile
and hold hands
and continue
down life's trail...
thankful for the One
who always holds us
and reminds us what Love is

and what Love does

today as the sun shon golden on the forest trees
while we yet slept
early in the morning
I awoke to this man yet beside me
as through most every other morning
of our thirty five years
I traced the lines of his face and hands resting
as he slept deep
I traced over them with my eyes
and realized how I know them completely
by heart
and how I love in these early hours
to waken
and just watch..
to hear his soft breath
and see the gentle and slow rise and fall
of his chest
and the morning light resting golden
across him

so beautiful he is
as he lies in this morning peace
and as he stirs
I slide my hand in his
and he squeezes it softly
though he still sleeps

and with the cat
our old Oliver
calling us up to start our day
with his meows
we join together in heart
and pray our way into this beautiful
new day
we lift all our beloveds
and their dreamings
all those about us who hurt
all those about us who rejoice
we lift them
to the One
who gifts us today
with 35 years

Bethany and Stephen
planned and cooked a banquet
for us today
ready for us as we came in after church
we had earlier phoned with Jedaiah
and Skyped with Shoshanna
and three little grand kiddies
all singing and laughing for us

That was when I noticed
someone saying
through cyberspace
that it was Pentecost

not that we had forgotten
you can't forget love
but that all this joy would fall
on our day
A God gift to us day

all this joy
and a great reason to celebrate
this was the cherry on the cake


our favourite things


  1. Such beauty here, Susan . . . heartbreakingly so, as that was always my dream, to share my life with one man all my days, to know and be known in the way that you speak of here.

    What a gift God has given you, and that you have given to each other. Blessings, dear friends, as you continue on hand in hand for years to come.

    1. Thank you Andrea Dawn... a gift, one day at a time.

  2. "peace after every war" - I love that. :-) Happy Anniversary, luv. :-)

    1. sometimes the things we hate to share are the things that bind us with others... Blessings dear friend

  3. Absolutely lovely. It made me cry, thinking of how blessed I am with my own beloved Geoff.
    Love to you ~

    1. Debra, I am so glad you have Geoff and this blessedness...

  4. Oh, my! This post tops them all, I think! Such beautiful word pictures you paint . . . and what an ending! Actually Pentecost was a beginning, wasn't it - a beginning of Something that is alive and well today!

    1. Glenda, in our early friendship God showed us that something special would take place on Pentecost...for the two of us.
      It was a great beginning :) His Life in us, together~ a true gift.

  5. Dear Susan,

    This could have been my poem. It is my life in a poem, although I could never have written this. You give words to my life. That is why I steal your words and hide them in my heart and make them my own. You may not know this, but one of the reasons you write is because you can and so people like me, who can't write (not like this, all poetic and all) can have words to glorify the Father for similar blessings.

    And, oh, I do so admire the Andrea Dawns of this world, who desire, but do not have this experience, but rejoice with those of us who do. God knows.

    Love you, Sisters,

    1. I love your comment and even more now I need to visit...and I "love" the Zoo, and cycling, and everything else busy in your life.
      I wonder if we will all ever truly get together before that great and marvelous day of His appearing! A fun thought!
      So glad you can do some stealing here... it is totally permissable and warms my heart that anybody comes by.
      blessings dear friend

  6. Oh, how I wish every young couple in the world could read this and take it with them into their marriage. My Mom and Dad had this and I admired and loved what I saw. I'm with Andrea Dawn here, and I sigh because it was never mine, either. And I read words like this, and I see the value of this gift, and rejoice with you in all God has given you. May you have many, many more glorious years!

    1. Cora, how I love your heart! Your words are always covered in grace and bring with it a blessing and encouragement~
      Thank you dear friend

  7. Beautiful...I can feel the love in your words...Happy Anniversary.

    1. I don't know how what happened just happened – but I do know that my comment is gone – and it was a really nice – long comment – and it's late in the day – and my brain is tired – and I don't feel like writing the whole thing again – but I can tell you how much I hearted your poem – and how much the words "forgiving and a believing" meant to me – and how your marriage is a shining light – and how the same words apply to Pentecost – and my relationship – OUR relationship with God. That's enough – this comment better stay – otherwise I'll have to have a very firm chat with Blogspot ツ God bless you Susan!

    2. Craig that is very sweet of you... I know the malady of a long comment and then poof! gone!... and being so disappointed. Still, your words brought encouragement to me. Thank you so much, Craig :) Our God knows our every need. I am so thankful for His presence in all our lives.

  8. Faith filled fisher lady . . .I'm crying like a baby, reading this. thank you so much, for taking the time to write down the words, to capture the moments like you do, with Him and with him and your loved ones. It is such a gift you give each of us, each time you do.
    love and prayers!

    1. thank you for sharing this dear Deb... so many moments to capture; His mercies are new every morning